Saturday, January 13, 2018

Welcome Back

I hope everybody enjoyed their break.

Some big changes for the second semester. All C-Side teachers will be using google classroom going forward. The good news is that all students will receive their H/W in one place for all subjects. This will mean that going forward, my blog will not be used for ELA H/W.

To initially log in to your ELA class on google classroom do the following and log in using the codes below

C/D  Class Code  7df013
E/F Class Code   2hid67p
G//H Class Code rkqqrn1

Your first H/W task will be to log in. Warning! Google classroom tells teachers who has and who hasn't done the work set for them!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Enjoying the Winning Conclusions

Sam - C/D Champion
Clearly, social media has had a major impact in our world today. However, it has more likely been a negative impact, which is why parents need to monitor their teens’ use of social media. Social media can and will affect teens’ self-esteem, helping confusing thoughts and behaviours thrive, (Mysko, 2015). Moreover, social media has impacted 30% of teenagers’ life, because some colleges look at the applicants’ social media, (VanderMeulen, 2014). Furthermore, getting accepted to college might affect their career, which could entirely impact their future. The next time you notice that your friend or family member is using social media too much and getting obsessed, maybe you can speak out. Say something to make them look up and notice how much beauty there actually is in the world. Talk to them, make eye contact. If this excessive use of social media doesn’t stop, we will never be able to logout of Facebook, and login to the real world. But if it does stop, maybe one day teens will be able to see each other through the lens of their own eyes, not the lens of the camera. Isn’t it ironic how these touch-screens can make us lose touch? Today, there is iPhone, iPad, iMac, iMessage, iPod. There are so many ‘i’s’ and not enough ‘us’s’ or ‘we’s’. We’ve become so absorbed in this technology that we have forgotten to look up from our screens. This media we call ‘social’ is a world where clicks form friends, voices are read, laughter is not heard, and eye contact is not possible. Being successful on Instagram is like being rich in monopoly- it’s delusional, it’s not real. So now, everything revolves around one question: can we autocorrect humanity?

Olivia - E/F Champion

Closing off, limiting kids time on social media can help benefit health, grades, and relationships. Social media is damaging for students and is a big NO from parents all over the world. Teens need to reduce their social media time during class, homework time, and free time. American researchers have concluded that social media affects your eyes and that 50% of the teens that have blurry vision are from smartphones, social media, and other devices. Continuing off, stories like Nicole Lovell’s will happen more consistently when social media industries control more teens. The next time a hateful comment has been sent to a teen being bullied, cyberbullied, or teased, they will have less of a self-esteem and maybe even lead to suicide. Is social media indeed a gift, or is it a dreadful curse waiting to be cured? Hopefully, in time social media will become more limited. This will lead to a more sophisticated, more prioritized, and a more tech-free future.

Honorable Mention - Sophia's ending

America is facing gun problems that are new to this world, if it keeps being ignored the second amendment will no longer be a law we happily, patriotically  and faithfully live by but a fear that American families, American citizens, and even our American leaders we simply follow. The way to really “make America great again” is by rectifying the second amendment and institutionalizing mandatory background checks for gun ownership. As stated before, the safety of America should be paramount above all. With the power of background checks on our side, we’d reduce mass shootings, a humongous American social issue, altogether to the status that other countries uphold where because of the law we fail to have across the country it is peaceful, calm, and satisfaction is easily held in the palm of their hand.  Moreover Obama makes the point although we are needing the change we must be also be pleading for the change. Barack Obama former president feels the real emotion in the issue, his empathy captures not only gun violence victim’s feelings of grief, fear, and plight but also the big picture on gun control that we need to take into account.  He’s ready to pull the trigger for change in a heartbeat and brings many supporters along with him. The real big picture we have to paint is the future we are leading. Will it be surrounded by bullets in bodies like it is now or by peace in mind? With this law we can see beyond the shots fired into a brighter, foreseeable, attainable dream. I know we’re capable of change that is good all we need to do is change what is bad. A safer, better, livelier home is in reach, all we have to do is grab it. The shots have been fired, choose your side.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Use this link for your assessment: Why Dogs Reduce Stress in the Classroom. A Report by  SwissInfo Channel

Please return all classroom library books TOMORROW. Your tally of books for next semester begins today. You should do a minimum of 3 books.

Have a superb break!

Coming in January  The POscars - Enjoy these performances from previous C-Side Champions!

Will your name go down in SAS History as the 2018 Champion?

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Adding Voice - Update

H/W - Make sure you have DROPPED your final paper in the ELA folder before the start of Wednesday's class.

Argument Rubric

Some last tips on adding voice:


Membean TEST  - 50 words
Reading Summative - Main Ideas and Perspectives

Monday, December 18, 2017


H/W - You paper should be FINISHED by tomorrow. We will wor on drafting and reediting in tomorrow's class.

Assessments this week: Wednesday - Membean and Reading for different perspectives (we will practice this in class tomorrow)

Recap: Writing Conclusions - A combination of these elements should be in your conclusion.

Tuesday's Work: For those ready to finish: Structure and Organization

Reflection- End of Unit Video
Take a moment to track your grwoth as a research writer

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