Friday, December 19, 2008

5th Grade Homework Reading and Social Studies
Wk Beg. Monday Jan 7th

Go to this website and sing-a-long with the lyrics(on back of this sheet). Great practice for next week’s ‘50 States Test’
Monday (E)
Reading: Go to this website. This is a ‘self teaching unit’ on the uses of the comma. You should fill in the graphic organizer that you were given today that summarizes the key information on how to correctly use a comma. You will have to read and understand the website page to be able to do this. Try completing some of the exercises for the harder uses of the comma e.g. non-essential phrases spend 30-45mins on this! (Due: Tue)

Vocabulary: Lesson 6 All exercises (Due: Next Mon)

Tuesday (A)
Reading: Main Idea and Details worksheets (Due: Tue)

S. Studies: Continue studying for West Region Test. You need to study 1) States and Capitals 2) Vocabulary 3) Advanced non-fiction sentences. 4) Writing HOTS question. 5) Jeopardy Grid. (Due: Fri)
Wednesday (B)
Humanities: Type out a neat copy of your Narrative poem and add it to your poetry booklet.
Attractively design your poetry booklet and all the poems in your book. You will need to memorize at least one of your poems and deliver it with passion at the party.
(Due: Next Wed)

Thursday (C)
S. Studies: Go to website Spend 10 mins. each evening playing the games on States and Capitals. This will help you with your 50 States quiz (optional)

Friday (D)
Reading: West Region Test

Spelling: Vocabulary Test Next Week

S. Studies: Read through the State Report instruction packets. Make sure you are very clear on the expectations. Bring any questions you might have on what you have read to class on Friday. The whole packet will also be discussed in class next Tue.

Coming Next Week
S. Studies: Fifty States Test. You will need to know all the fifty states, three major bodies of water, and two major mountain ranges.
Reading: Use of Comma Fragments and Run-Ons Test (Open Book)

Cookies and Cream Poetry Party (Next Wed)

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