Monday, April 30, 2012

Titanic  Essay:  Due Date Extended to Thursday. - Why am I so nice to you guys???
  • Thesis Statement is your title
  • Colorcode your final draft (Thesis/Hook - Red, p2s green, p3s blue)
  • Use advanced sentence fluency
  • Check for  over use of linking verbs

Use this link if you are still planning

Math H/W tonight: Finish IXL B9, F3, & F4

Remember:  Book club Grand Conversations will be assessed this week. BE READY!
Wed: I, Corinder  & Gone & Ella Enchanted
Thur: Gregor  & The Thief Lord & The Red Pyramid

Tenses: Future  -Will -v- Going to 
Listen to conversations over the next couple of days. See if you can hear the difference. TQ if you bring any examples to share.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Next Week

Congratulations on completing another great week. Can you believe we only have 3 - five day weeks left, 2 four days, and 1 two day. What are you going to do to finish the year showing your very best?

Next Week

Student of the Week:

Finish strong!

The  Friday Message:
What will you do with your 15 minutes of fame?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Form and Function

What a great field trip today...what will you do with your 15 mins of fame once it arrives?

Be ready for the GC question tomorrow: Jennifer is the only character who has shown any real courage in the story so far. Remember you will be arguing this question from 1st person

  • No Math H/W tonight
  • Finish your fantasy stories -  HOWEVER...If you promise your work will be amazing, I will give you the CHOICE to hand this  fantasy story in on MONDAY with no consequences...(I'm exhauseted after today, so I am guessing you guys are too!)
  • Do final preparation for Verb test ( We will do this in the morning). Can you answer all the questions on the guidelines I placed on the blog earlier in the week? - Most of  test is multiple choice and very straight forward - Best way to study for it is to look at your use of verbs in your fantasy story. Can you spot and improve your linking verbs?
Finish Strong!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Titanic Field Trip tomorrow:
  • You must where school uniform
  • Bring a packed disposable lunch and snack
  • Don't forget you are looking to try and answer  your thesis statment

Your notes on the Teacher Appreciation Day card were VERY sweet and genuine. I was truly touched by your kindness and notes and thanks.

Study Link 11.7
 Recap: Surface Arean of a Cylinder Explanation:

Other Work
  • Book club
  • Verb Exercises
  • Fantasy Story Writing Stay busy ....

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Among the Hidden


Be thinking of your salient points for Among the Hidden for Friday’s cross class G.C. You must speak only from the perspective you were given in class today. You will speak in 1st person.

Jennifer is the only character that has shown any real courage in the story so far

Math Study Link 11.5

Verbs – Try some of the practice exercises below. (earlier post) Spend 10 mins each night working through some of the different links. Bring any questions that confuse you to class for discussion.

RLA – How is your story progressing. You should be close to completing your first draft today.

  • Correctly punctuated dialogue
  • A clear message/ moral to the story
  • Contains elements of the fantasy genre
  • Very strong word choice/verb choice/sentence fluency
  • Focus: Fantasy Writing Title: (your invented title) Name: (Your name)
  • 1.5 line spacing
  • Comic sans font




Verb Test Support Exercises

Verb Test Practice
You should watch these videos and tackle these exercises for practice with your  'Verbs' test this Friday Make notes of any questions that confuse you and bring them to school. You may bring in two index cards full of notes.
Make sure you know -
  • Difference betweeen linking verbs and action verbs.
  • How do you spot a linking verbs?
  • How to spot and write verb phrases in interrogative, negative (n't)
  • How to calculate a verb ratio
  • How to identify transitive and intransitive verbs
  • The six voices of the verb 'to be' in past present and future
  • How to write sentences in the six voices






Background Reading and Recap of Verbs

Verb 'to be'

Linking and Action Verbs

Infinitive Practice

Transitive and Intransitive


Verb Phrases

Play verb phrase game

Further Reading on Linking Verbs

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Study link 11.4
Recap on how to calculate volume of a cone

How many formulas have you learned  to calculate volume and area?
Can anybody invent a system to remember which formula goes with each shape?

RLA - You should be close to finishing 2/3 of your story by now. (Spend 30-45mins) working on this tonight

Use this video to help you craft your thesis statement for the Titanic Exhibit  museum trip.
You need your thesis statement by Thursday.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Next Week

Next Week

Excellent example of one section from Clayton class of applying learning

Student of the Week - Riya

Blogger of the Week: Alex (Check  out his blog. The contribution and posts are excellent!)

The Friday Message
Fill your lives with experiences of  the best of the best. A clip from the 25th anniversary of  Les. Mis. - The Greatest musical in history!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Book Club

Kudos today for the leading roles played in book clubs by Riya, Maddy, Emma, and Caroline.
Points to consider for tomorrow's conversation:
  • Quote the salient point/repeat other people's ideas
  • Accept and reject ideas
  • Offer your opinion through questions
  • Make personal connections / show empathy
  • Summarize take-aways if possible as the conversation develops
  • Use GC terminology
Synonyms of I Think...
I'd like to argue/suggest.
In my opinion
Ask a question

Will you shine tomorrow?
Luke is a pessimistic coward who allows himself to be intimidated and bullied by his brothers, his dad, and even his mom. He needs to grow a backbone and learn to stand up for himself.
Study Link 11.3

30minutes on your story

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thur and Fri work

Updates and H/W

Vocabulary Games words are updated on the google docs. link.
'May the Words be Ever in Your Favor' - Starts on Monday

Grand Conversation - You must decide a Grand Conversation question for your book club for tomorrow. Each group will get 4-5 mins in a fish bowl infront of the class to discuss your topic in Thursday's class.

Lesson 11.2

Social Studies: I will be checking in with you on your 'Statement of Purpose' on/by Friday

Spend 30minutes on your story. Everybody should have a minimum of 1 scene ready for inspection tomorrow

Friday's Cross Class - Grand Conversation Question:Luke is a pessimistic coward who allows himself to be intimidated and bullied by his brothers, his dad, and even his mom. He needs to grow a backbone and learn to stand up for himself.

Point to Ponder: What is the difference betweeen covert and overt bullying?

This G.C. will take place in the library. You will be placed into mixed groups of approx. 10 students between the two classes

Vocabulary from today
  • Omitted - not included
  • Quantify your point - put your idea into a context
  • Verb Phrase
  • distress call

See an example of an S++ Glog below

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Research Link

If you use your time well in class, your H/W load is far less. People not using class time effectively are seeing there H/W load grow.
  • Social Studies -Use this link to help guide your Singapore History Research  - You should have your 'Statement of Purpose' in your notes
  • Study link 11.1
  • Book Club - Read (approx 20- 30 minutes)
  • Fantasy Story - Work on it for approx 30 minutes (Spend time working on your plot before trying to write your story. You will save time in the long run) - 'in the long run' - another great G.C. phrase!
  • Science is due Thursday
New Vocabulary Words from today...
  • superlative
  • comparative
  • omniscient voice
  • on the same page

Monday, April 16, 2012


The Tabitha speech was very inspiring today. It shows that, "if you want to move mountains, you must begin by taking away small stones." - You can make a difference. Do what you can to help.

Important Dates
• Now – Wed 25 Apr (and to end of campaign): collect pledges at home
• Wed 25 Apr: Jumpathon (during your Sci/SS period in the morning – more specific info about the event itself will follow)
• Thu 26 Apr – Fri 4 May: turn in pledges to home form teachers (more info about the daily collection of these funds from you and collation of all funds will follow as well)

The aim is for each class to raise a minimum of $1,550 which will put the grade over the $20,000 goal. As in the past, there is a pizza lunch offered as a reward for the class with the highest amount raised. I WANT TO WIN THIS PIZZA PARTY!

Social Studies: Make sure your: Statement of Purpose for your Singapore research project is due for Wednesday. - You probably need to spend 30 minutes doing notes on your project
You must have visited your site by May 2nd
Due Date for this final project = Week of May 21st

RLA: Spend 30-45mins working on your fantasy story. People that did not give their pitches today, must do so tomorrow. - Feel free to post your pitches on the blog for common. Those students who didn't receive a financial investment in their stories from 'Buxtoversal Studios' should not be perturbed. Harry Potter was rejected 26 times before finding an investor.

Fantasy story due date pushed back until next Wed. 25th

Verb Package Booklet:  Pages numbered p.48,34,49 (Due: Tue) - POSTPONED (We will work on this tomorrow)

No Math H/W tonight

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Friday Message

Student of the Week: Jacqueline
Blogger of the Week: Nakul

Next Week: Elevator pitches

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Grand Conversation

Congratulations on finishing the ITBS.

Tomorrow we have our Grand Conversation. Feel free to pracitce this topic tonight with your parents.

Defiance  against authority is simply wrong.

Other Grand Conversation discussion topics tomorrow will include:

The government has a responsibility to make sure its citizens are fed and clothed. There have to be rules everyone should follow. If it includes population control, it is for the benefit of everyone.

Luke is a prisoner in his own home; he should escape. It’s better to die than to live Luke's. What’s the purpose of life if you live like a prisoner without friends?

From now on, make your list of grand conversation words and phrases part of your everyday vocabulary.

Coming next week: Elevator pitches

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Grand Conversation / Vocabulary Games

Grand Conversation - We are getting better! ...Continue discussing this question tonight at the dinner table with your parents or via 'face talk' with your friends

The adoption of the 1979 ‘One Child Policy’ in China is both justifiable and necessary to control the excessive population growth in the country.

Banned - I think, I agree/disagree
  • You must quote back another person's opinion/articles/movies when possible
  • Pose alternatives - "Imagine if..."
  • Show empathy towards...
  • Use quotes/statistics when possible
  • Avoid, 'sitting on the fence'
  • Use advanced vocabulary  when possible ( cliche, proposterus,  etc...)
Link to April Vocabulary Words - Will you be ready to compete?
"May the words be ever in your favor"
Congratulations on another great day of testing. Only 1 more to go. How will you make sure that you give your very best tomorrow?

Be thinking about this topic and have ideas to contribute to Friday's Grand Conversation -
When  is defiance not just acceptable but required?

Monday, April 9, 2012

ITBS - Day 1

Congratulations on completing your first day of the ITBS. Reflect on your performance.
  • What did you do well?
  • What  didn't go so well in terms of  your test technique?
  • What can you do better tomorrow in terms of your test technique?
Feel free to share any ideas that you may have

For those of you who love learning new vocabuary - enjoy
Vocabulary Game

Again - This is a NO H/W night - Catch up on your reading

Excellent video that explains where the formula for the area of a circle comes from

Video explanation of how to calculate Area of a Circle

Verb - To Be Circumference

ITBS Test taking tips: (from  Maya)

Banned from your writing: TO BE as the main verb in the sentence. You'll be amazed how much your vocabulary improves by eradicating this one verb in its six voices

This is OFFICIALLY a no H/W week. If you choose to work at home on any of the projects (fantasy story/book club, updating your blog etc), feel free to do so.

This is a great video song on circles to help you learn the facts about circles

Add any test taking tips you received from your parents for others to read.

Rest tonight - Use the next 3 days to show what an excellent student you have grown into in 5th grade.

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Friday Message

How are your goals coming so far?

The Friday Message (found by Riya)

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Next week is ITBS - Make sure you get plenty of rest and eat well in the morning. We will have one more practice test on Monday.  What did  you learn today about test taking that you will remember forever?

Next Week

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Glogster Presentations

Use this link to do 30 mins research for your Singapore History project

Math Study Link 10.7
This is just creating a line graph similar to the ones we did in class at the end of today's lesson. e.g. Your line graph might be of two people running a race. You must explain what the line graph you have created shows. e.g. the heating up of a frozen pizza in a microwave oven.

Presentations of most Ch.4 Glogs will take place tomorrow. Please  remember to print out a hard copy of your work

Add your glog to your blog

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Midnight Magic

Use your notes from today's lesson to write up your paragraph about the issues (problems) what of the main characters experiences in the story. 
  • Effective paragraph structure
  • Integrates some advanced vocbaulary
  • Mentions and explains some problems your character faces
  • Comma Rule - goals people - don't forget to label usage
(Click the link on the class 'read a loud' - image to go to a website full of additional info. about the story)

Due: Wed

Math: Study Link 5.6

Book clubs: your final discuss will be tomorrow. Make sure you have an interesting/controversial discussion topic. 

I will not insist that Glogs are ready for tomorrow. Teams will be  given sometime in class tomorrow putting finishing touches on presentations and organizing an interesting delivery of the glog. 

You all worked well today...  :-) -  1 step on the ladder!
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