Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Field Trip


You need a packed lunch for tomorrow's field trip
A camera
A good attitude

Patrick’s Mom
Patrick, Daniel, Dylan, Lydia, Sam

Harriet’s Mom,
Harriet, Dylan, Kayzad, Tasha, Reid

Micheline’s Mom
Micheline, Casey, Ryan Thor, Janna, Miguel

Talia’s Mom
Talia, Lauren, Owen Karly, Aiden, Beatrice

Study link 7.11
Poetry Recitations Students #6-10
Inside - Outside poem - Due Friday

Recapping Primary and Secondary Sources

Have a nice evening!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Remember: You need your poem interpretation ready for Wed. See the rubric below to see how you will be graded with this work. Your poem and interpretation need  to be on one sheet of paper.

Study link 7.10

Go to this link and read about positive and negative numbers; then, do the 10 questions at the end of the      exercise

Inside -Outside Poem - Help

Now isn't this a challenging poem to write...or is it? - Read below for help getting started...

Inside/Ouside poem about yourself. (Due: Fri)

Don't make your poem more complicated than it needs to be...Think about the assignment for a second... all i'm asking you to do is write a poem about yourself. Now...going a bit further...i'm suggesting ways you can go about doing this by using categories...for example.. write about your personality, your dreams, your fears, your weaknesses etc etc... by thinking about categories gives you a way to organize your thoughts... so the next step is ... how do you do that...???

well why not begin by just writing about yourself in a literal way...
What do others think of you?

They think... all i enjoy writng and i a super students...
your poetry might soon like...

A test taking machine some may suggest
Fear of failure is why I strive my best


I think... ..i like doing art....

(how can i do that in a poetic and/or figurative way..?)

Drawing and mixing paints brightens my days
Being artistic and creative in countless ways

Hope this helps!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Study Link 7.9

Nouns Booklet p13. + p14

Finish your poem interpretations for Wednesday.

IMPORTANT - Bring a piece of  edible fruit for tomorrow's class. Go and put it into your packpack NOW! (Try to be creative: It would be nice not to have 22 apples!)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Next Week

See the Week at a Glance here

Enjoy your videos. Sorry about the sound on the first video

Student of the Week

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Study link  7.8

Noun song. Bring a printed, labelled copy for grading. Make sure you
spelled the nouns correctly in your song. How will you make your noun
song unique?

You must bring the poem you plan to recite to class tomorrow. We will
need it for tomorrow's class.

The actual recitation of the poems has been postponed. We will begin
reciting our poems next Wed.

Monday, January 21, 2013

The universe is falling apart

Collect other great metaphors as you find them

7.5 Math
Kennings Poem (Due Wed) Approx. 16 lines. Give your poem a decent title.
Cover Page for your Poetry booklet (Thur)
Bring an everyday object to school tomorrow

Thinking Ahead....
Poetry Recitation Week
Next week you will have to recite a poem of your choice to the class. You must choose a poem between now and next Monday and memorize it. Look at the links on the left side for a resource of poems. You need to explain why you choose the poem.

I will explain what the song is tomorrow

Due:    Poems Recitation     Song Interpreation
Mon    Student #s 1-4         Student #s 5-8
Tue     Student #s 9-12      Student #s 13-16
Wed    Student #s 17-22    Student #s 1-4
Thur   Student #s 5-8        Student #s 9-12
Fri      Student #s 13-16   Student #s 17-22

Friday, January 18, 2013

Report Cards

Congratulations on  such a great first week back.  Make sure you spend some time over the w/end to discuss your report cards with your parents: Achievements  and areas for growth.

Click for next week's WEEK AT A GLANCE

Class Reps for Student Council: If you would like to represent our class on student council, have your speech ready for Wednesday.

Student of the Week: Owen

Friday Message: What's Ordinary?

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Thank you to Ryan for reminding me that:
"When there is a choice between choosing right and choosing kind; choose kind."

H/W Study Link 7.3 A.11 (Optional)

  • See Think Wonder  HARD COPY handed in!
  • Heart Poem - Final Draft -  HARD COPY
  • Pinterest x10 on poetry inspiration board and x10pins on Quotes board

Pinterest: There seemed to be a lot of interest in Pinterest. Use this tool for education as well as to begin your collections.

Recap video on how Pinterest works below:

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Precept: Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder


Heart poems  - Due Fri

  • Poetic format and structure
  • Approx 12-16 lines
  • Make sure your poem gives a glimpse inside your heart
  • Use strong vocabulary

See Think Wonder - Due tomorrow

When you truly believe it, everybody else will!

Enjoy the poem again from yesterday's class

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

See Think Wonder

H/W Study link 7.1

You need to add at least 10 comments onto your image or a poem that shows what you 'see think wonder' about the image. Remember - go deeper into the onion and think figuratively not literally! Make sure you present  your work in an attractive way.
 (Due Thur)

Heart collages due tomorrow!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Defining Poetry

We made a great start to 2013. Let's make sure we keep it up...Remember EXCELLENCE is about striving for that last little inch!

Collect as many images, pictures, photos, mementos from your past that truly occupy  your heart:

What has really affected your heart?
What people have been important to you?
What are some experiences or central events you'll never forget?
What happy or sad memories do you have?
What secrets have you kept in your heart?
What small things or objects are important to you?

Optional: Discuss ORDINARY at dinner with your parents. TQ for providing evidence of your discussion

No Math H/W today... Preview our new Eight Times Table song

No Math H/W today.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcome Back

Hope you all had a very enjoyable and relaxing break. Feel free to post any links to your holiday photos if you put them into a photopeach or animoto for your family to enjoy.

Click for the week at a glance

Are you reading regularly over the break?

Solve the puzzle below to see what our new unit of study will be

Enjoy your excellent non-fiction speeches again

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