Thursday, December 17, 2015

Books Books and Books

Want your parents to get you a gift? Thinks Books!

Check out this list recommended books by the best RLA teachers at SAS, JIS and UWC

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

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Argument - Self Assessment

parallel structure

An Open Letter to Book Thieves

Dear Students, 

You. Yes, I'm talking to you, you booknapper. You text abductor. Paperback pilferer. Hardcover hoarder.

In your room - hidden in the darkness under your bed, discarded like used gum on your desk, lying mouldy under the wet towel in your bathroom, many of you have a book that is not yours. Nor is it mine. It belongs to my classroom library. And it wants to come home. To its home, to its rightful place among its book buddies in M223. 

Do you know that song, from Les Miserable? Click on the link. Watch and listen.  Do  you feel the passion, the longing, the desperation? That book that you abducted wants to come home. It wants to be back where it is loved, nurtured, book talked, signed out, sticky noted, shared. It wants to be read.

You are denying it all of these things. You are neglecting it. When did you last pick it up, and page through it? Do you even know that you still have it? Do you even remember its title? Do you remember that you checked it out a month, or six months, or two years ago? Or maybe you didn't check it out. Maybe you grabbed it off the shelf in a hurry, because when you heard Mr. Townley roar "Independent Reading Time", you realized you had left yours at home. After class you stuffed it into your dark bag, carried it home, and discarded it somewhere in the nuclear bomb site that you call your room. And there it moulders, languishing far away from the love that it craves. 

Bring it home. 

Even worse, your legacy is to  deny access to the most popular titles to the students who will follow you through M223 in the years ahead. Yes, GONE is gone. EVERLOST is ever lost. THE BOOK THIEF has been taken by a book thief. And I'm still looking for LOOKING FOR ALASKA. Students cannot read the books they are desperate for. And do you know why? Because you won't dig under your bed, pick that book up, put it in your bag, and return it to its rightful home. 

Bring it home. 

 There is good news. I am using the full extent of my teacher power to declare a school wide amnesty. Bring them home, and no questions will be asked, no accusations made, no fines imposed. There will be no beating. 

The great burden of your literary sin will be lifted from your shoulders, and all will be well as you join me in that rousing chorus from The Sound of Music: "The class is alive with the sound of paging, and we'll read once more." 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Argument summative

 Your research papers are due in tomorrow. Make sure you have submitted them inside the file given in your drive titled: Argument summative.

You must bring a printed copy of your work tomorrow.

You work will be submitted to a plagiarism dectector. Make sure you have "quoted sources" and not 'lifted' and copied content.  Plagiarised work receives failing grades.


Sunday, December 13, 2015

Reading challenge and conclusions.

Use this link to type the number of books you have read this semester. Semester reflections sheet

Image result for Reading challengeRemember: this week you need to follow through on your agreement with your Reading challenge partner. If you lost, you need to do the task that you both agreed upon at the beginning of the semester. We will begin the second semester with different partners. The challenge for the second semester begins this Wednesday. Any books read over the break, count!

Lesson Recap


Finished Argument Essays - How will yours compare?

Friday, December 11, 2015

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Quote Sandwiches

Parallel Structure TEST

Lesson Recap: Quote Sandwiches  Nonfiction
Resource: Transitional techniques

H/W - You should have two quote sandwiches written per team.

For those ready for CA

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


In the second semester we will begin using a system to practice our grammar similar to Membean.

Wednesday: Go to
C/D Class - Use this code to log on to your new NoRedInk account: evk49wkd
E/F Class - Use this code to log on to your new NoRedInk account: amfckv9d

Follow the instructions to load your favorite media and then begin the parallel structure practice activity.


How is your progress? PRIZE for first teams to finish in each class!!!!!

Argument - Mentor Text: Read this. How similar will yours be?

C/D and E/F class H/W
Outlining - Each team needs a completed outline for class on Thursday.

Problem with your claim?

  • Use this link to create your nuanced claim. How does yours compare to this one?

Work on your outline tonight

For those of you ready to draft introductions .... BIG TIP - Make sure you link the hook to the claim

Synthesizing Notes

Drop your link in here for grading: No resubmissions

Next Step: Synthesizes of Notes

Parallel Structure Practice

Monday, December 7, 2015

Nuanced Claims and Correlative Conjunctions

H/W - Each team member to take notes on one of your sources. If you have enough notes create a nuanced claim as a team. (Due Tue) - You will be given a grade on your claim by the end of  class Tuesday. 

Writing A Nuanced Claim

Grammar Recap :Can you write 4 sentences about your research using correlative conjunctions?


C/D and E/F Classes Grammar End of Semester Test Thur: Parallel Structure + review questions on subjects and predicates and opening and delayed adjectives. Spend 10mins each evening on this practice.

Test Practice:

Friday, December 4, 2015

RR Editing

Editing for grammar will improve your language grade. Color code your grammar yellow.

The Big Q - Advanced Note-Taking

Taking notes that make you think and process content.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Notice and Note NF - Numbers and Stats.

Make sure you engage with your notes not just copy. How much interpretation is in your notes?

E/F - C/D - RR due by end of class Friday - No extensions. You will be given the first 30minutes of class time for finishing touches. The files will then be locked. This is summative.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

RR - Databases

Reading Response - Use these words lists to help you with your interpretation in your RR. 

Character Traits List

Values List

No new H/W - Remember RR Due: End of class Friday.

G/H - Collect your six sources. Your RR due Monday.

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