Friday, January 29, 2016

Assessed Work - Drop your video links (make it the title of your poem) and your N&N quote sandwich in here.

Poscars - Everybody will have their first round battle at some stage  next week. Use the w/end to make sure you are ready is a big tip. Remember:  you will receive a 'speaking grade' for your performance. Rubric here

Use the poetry protocol to finish your video

Independent Reading Quote Sandwich: Mentor Samples
By Zi
In the book Mosquitoland, author David Arnold teaches us readers that child neglect can lead to severe depression. Mim Malone is a girl trying to get to her mother that is sick in Cleveland - her parents got divorced three months ago. She encounters adventures on the road, including a boy with no parents, and a old woman that says words like “pizzazz”. On p. 132, Mim reflects on her experiences and conjures up an epiphany that surprises everyone: “I am tired of being alone.” This quote perfectly underscores the contradictions and internal conflict that Mim is going through - she feels as if her dad doesn’t care about her as much as he cares about his new wife, therefore she never feels as if there is someone who actually wants to be with her. p. 73: “A pang of something, injury maybe, settles in my stomach, when I see that Dad only called once. I’ve been gone overnight now, and he’s called once.” This quote perfectly portrays Mim’s longing for a family that wants her, her parents constantly seem to ignore her when she needs them most. They should put themselves in her shoes, and love her for who she is - that is the responsibility of a parent.

The book, Kobe, by Joe Layden, teaches us that without risk, there will never be any reward, so if we don’t take a leap of faith every now and then, we will not gain anything in our lifetimes. Kobe, a rising star in the basketball world, must chose whether to play college ball, or go straight to the NBA. Pg. 52-53, “Well, I’ve decided to skip college and take my talents to the NBA. I know I’ll have to work extra hard, and I know this is a big step,” he said. “But I can do it. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime. It’s time to seize it while I’m young. I don’t know if I can reach the stars or the moon. If I fall off the cliff, so be it.” This was a deciding moment in Kobe’s life, that would determine who he would become. This was a huge risk for him, because only a handful of players successfully skip college and go to the NBA. However, Kobe decided to take the risk, and in turn, came an enormous payoff. We should all learn from this example of a risk reward situation. Because if there was no risk in our lives, there would be no excitement.

By Maya
         A key moment in the story, the Old Man and the Sea, is when the old man’s journey comes to a finish, and when he ‘shouldered the mast…’ (Page 121) People don’t typically shoulder their masts, after a long boat journey, the would probably drag it, or leave it behind in the boat. However, the author wanted to use the mast as a symbol, so I believe this story connects to the story of Jesus Christ. For example, the exact position in which the Old Man carries the mast, mirrors the position in which when Jesus Christ was forced to carry his cross, on the way to his crucifixion. Therefore, the author was definitely trying to show a connection, between Jesus Christ and the old man. In addition, when the rope hurt the old man’s hands, ‘the speed of the line was cutting his hands badly…’ (Page 83) I immediately thought of Jesus Christ’s stigmata. Also, when the old man struggles up the hill, with the mast, ‘he started to climb again and at the top he fell…’ (Page 121) We recall Jesus Christ’s march to Calvary. Also, when he lies on his bed, ‘face down.... with his arms out straight and the palms of his hands up…’ (Page 122) We remember Jesus Christ suffering on the cross. As you can see, these moments greatly show a main theme in this story, the link between the old man and Jesus Christ.

By Michelle
In Make Lemonade by Virginia Euwer Wolff, I noticed that a moment of epiphany for LaVaughn is after she talks to Jolly because Jolly’s been fired and has almost no more money, and Jolly wants to borrow LaVaughn’s money. She says (on page 63), “What I mean is that money is not going to help her because it’s saved to help me not end up like her”. LaVaughn suddenly realizes that a future like Jolly’s is very possible for her if she doesn’t study hard and get into a good college. Jolly’s situation hadn’t seemed so dire before she lost her job, but when she did, LaVaughn abruptly recognized that she could end up in the same way. LaVaughn also knows that although she wants to help Jolly, she needs to help herself first, which is more wise than the alternatives. She also says on page 65, “It would be college for Verna LaVaughn and  good job and not any despair like I saw in these surroundings here.” LaVaughn is right to do this, because although it is not the kindest thing for Jolly, she needs the money for a future, while Jolly has already given up any kind of better future she might’ve had. Even if LaVaughn decided to help Jolly, her money would’ve only kept them afloat for no more than a couple months, and LaVaughn would have lost her entire future, her entire life’s work. Instead of scraping at the bottom of the barrel, Jolly take hold of her life and go back to school and at get a better education so she can at least try to get a stable job, and raise her kids in a better environment.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

How to Eat a Poem

Grammar - Do you know your complex sentence rules? Hint! hint!

 Poetry Protocol

STEP 1 Read silently
• The mood or emotion you feel

STEP 2 Read out loud
The tone or emotion of the poem as a whole

STEP 3 Read 1st part again…
• Images that seem particularly important

STEP 4  Read 2nd part…
Images that are important (what changed?)

STEP 5 What stands out?
  • Poetic devices?
  • Repeating lines, phrases, or words that are worth thinking more about
  • Confusing ideas
  • Quotable sections

H/W - Just reading: Tomorrow - you will finish your poem video in class.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Complex sentences and Visualizing

Grammar Recap

Lesson Recap

Lesson Handout  -  Forgetfulness

When you visualize, you can go from use the literal images to reach a more abstract interpretation of the poems you read.

You will finish your 'visualizing' in class tomorrow and record a video with your team.

H/W - All classes
  • Keep up to date with your reading. You will need to write a 'quote language' on Friday about a N&N observation in your book and what it could be showing. Make sure you have collected a few to choose from in your reading
  • Membean 10mins

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Again and Again

Would you like to enter a competition to have lunch with Steve Sheinkin? Fill in the application form here. Give complete responses to the questions asked.

Lesson Recap

Poetry Toolbox

The Drum by
N. Giovanni
Firework by
Katie Perry
The Party
Laurence Dunbar
Your poem



Rhyme or

Monday, January 25, 2016

H/W - All classes - READ! 30mins or more. Are you using your notice and note strategies?
You should do between 20-30mins of Membean this week (M-F)

Assessment on Sentences

H/W - All classes
READ - 30pages + - be ready to discuss your thinking...

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Membean...and POscars

How is your Membean practice going? These are the class scores for the last two weeks. In the next two weeks, you will receive a grade for the test and a grade for the amount of practice. Enjoy! If you want to score exemplary, you will need to break 80 minutes for the two-week period.

COMING SOON.... THE POSCARS!!!!! (Poetry Oscars)
Beginning Friday Jan 29th 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Run-on Sentences

You must RETURN your Sheinkin book tomorrow. Make sure you have finished reading it. 

Lesson Recap

H/W - C/D and E/F only
Challenge game:

Membean Test tomorrow: Make sure you did 15mins of practice on Membean tonight.

G/H only - Music presentations tomorrow ' the 'so what' factor.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Musician's Craft

H/W Question C/D and E/F - Due Thur

Watch out for extra compound sentence practice coming soon. There will be another SUMMATIVE on the rules SOON!....

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

No new H/W tonight. Make sure you have finished your Book Club book by Thursday and you bring a song  tomorrow (C/D and E/F) Thursday (G/H) that connects with your book.

Examples from class...

Monday, January 18, 2016

Responding with Music


Hint Hint - HINT!!!!

- Do you know the 4 rules for compound sentences and an example of each one of them?

Friday, January 15, 2016

Artistic Techniques and Compound Sentences

Lesson Recap

Independent Practice:
1. The man walked into the room, greeted the guests, and left.
Number of independent clauses_______________ Sentence Type_______________
2. Peter played football; he loves being out on the field.
Number of independent clauses_______________ Sentence Type_______________
3. The island was filled with many trails winding through the thick underbrush, a small hill, and dangerous ravines.
Number of independent clauses_______________ Sentence Type_______________
4. Mary peered at the beautiful village, for it reminded her of home.

Number of independent clauses_______________ Sentence Type_______________

5. Helen Keller was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama, in 1880 and died in 1968.
Number of independent clauses_______________ Sentence Type_______________
6. Standing in the corner, the child pouted and sulked all morning.
Number of independent clauses_______________ Sentence Type_______________
7. Eventually, she entered Radcliffe College, an all girls’ school, and she graduated with honors in 1904.
Number of independent clauses_______________ Sentence Type_______________
8.   To show enthusiasm, Sara began planning and preparing her summer vacation in December.
Number of independent clauses_______________ Sentence Type_______________

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Sentence Fluecny: Simple Sentences

Sentence Fluency Example

Copy these sentences into your digital notebook. Change the text color
Sentence Tool: Red
Simple Sentence: Blue
1. Her hands wailing, I tried to calm her down.
2. With a forced calm, I told her to take some deep breaths.
3. She told me the latest tale in her boyfriend drama, sad and pitiful.
4. Her boyfriend, a hopeless liar, went out with another girl. 
5. Doomed and unsalvageable, his career in ruins, with his face in his hands, he cried.
6. Their legs were underwater, and their upper halves were roasting in the sun.

Remember to read your book club books using these lenses

Listen to Sheinkin in action...

H/W - Read up to your desired section. Make sure you have copied your simple sentence/tools paragraph into the email I sent.

The secret word is: DISH

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Transmediation Day 2

Book Club Feedback  C/D and E/F Class.

You should have finished and emailed your feedback on your first book club discussion

G/H, C/D and E/F - Bring a photograph that is representative of an big idea from your Book club book? Be ready to disucss your photo in class on Thursday with your book club. 

C/D and E/F Remember: Grammar Sentence Fluency Pre-assessment must be finished by Thursday. 

The secret number is 48


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Trans-mediation: Day 1

Make a copy of this digital notebook

Lesson Recap, photography techniques you learned today.

See these example of students  use images to inspire thinking and go deeper. 

Finish your PRETEST by Thursday
Read your Sheinkin book to your agreed upon page

Monday, January 11, 2016


Write a claim about one book you read

Set up your Goodreads account
Link to Set Up
Set up your shelves

Set your reading challenge

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Welcome Back....Ready to Rise and Shine?

We hit the ground running with new units when we return. Make copies of these files and place them into your shortcuts. Remove all 'old' shortcuts.

Transmediation: Writing about Reading
Sentence Fluency: Grammar Unit

Well done to those students who did a little Membean practice over the break. 


C/D and E/F
Go to NoRedInk and do the pretest titled Sentence Fluency. The 50 questions need to be finished by Wednesday.

1) The expectation is that you will complete at least 30minutes of Membean practice between Monday and Friday

2) MEMBEAN: ROOT WORD OF THE WEEK #1 (Listen to the podcast on the link)

Each week you will need to learn a Membean root word in addition to your Membean study periods.  These roots will appear on Membean tests going forward!
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