Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Inside -Outside Poem - Help

Now isn't this a challenging poem to write...or is it? - Read below for help getting started...

Inside/Ouside poem about yourself. (Due: Fri)

Don't make your poem more complicated than it needs to be...Think about the assignment for a second... all i'm asking you to do is write a poem about yourself. Now...going a bit further...i'm suggesting ways you can go about doing this by using categories...for example.. write about your personality, your dreams, your fears, your weaknesses etc etc... by thinking about categories gives you a way to organize your thoughts... so the next step is ... how do you do that...???

well why not begin by just writing about yourself in a literal way...
What do others think of you?

They think... all i enjoy writng and i a super students...
your poetry might soon like...

A test taking machine some may suggest
Fear of failure is why I strive my best


I think... ..i like doing art....

(how can i do that in a poetic and/or figurative way..?)

Drawing and mixing paints brightens my days
Being artistic and creative in countless ways

Hope this helps!

Nouns - Test Review and Practice

Word Study Assessment: Postponed Until Next Fri

Study Links
7.10 & 7.11

NOUNS Test Review

Click on this link below to see a study guide of what you need to review for your Noun's test on Thursday. (ignore the date on the sheet)

Use these exercises to practice for the  'Nouns' Test. Make sure  you watch the second video. Hint Hint.. Do you know the 7 rules for making nouns plural?
You need to know each rule 'Perfectly'
e.g. NOT y changes  to  ies... BUT consonant Y change to IES 

You do not need to do all of them, but you should tackle at least one from each category. (especially possessive nouns)  Bring any questions that you might have to class if  you get answers incorrect and don't know why. Ignore any dead links.

Practice On Possessive Nouns  (great exercise !)


Plurals Common and proper

Identifying Nouns

possessive nouns (just click boxes marked 'play')

Monday, January 30, 2012


H/W -
1) play these games
Math Skills Practice
2) Fill in the self assessment forms. Make sure you are clear on what you know and don't know
County Fair Project MUST be completed by tomorrow into the google doc! (No extensions. This book needs to be sent to the printers immediately. Therefore we must adhere to this deadline)

Work with your partner on your announcements poem

IMPORTANT - Bring a piece of  edible fruit for tomorrow's class. Go and put it into your packpack NOW! (Try to be creative: It would be nice not to have 22 apples!)

Coming in Wednesday's Social Studies class: FAKEBOOK

Sunday, January 29, 2012

County Fair Project - Google Doc Link

Add your work to this link when it is PERFECT!

Announcements Competition

Announcements: Guidelines/suggestions/announcements for your week:

Your announcement poem will have all the basic info. e.g.

•mention of  core values or core value focus of a day
 •introducing yourselves
 •vocabulary/phrase of the day
•typical stuff - walking in hallways/ behavior on buses
 •what happened on  your day in history (research you must do)
 •ideally,  most of your poem should rhyme (don't forget alliteration, assonance, and consonance patterns)

VERY IMPORTANT - Create a template stanza that is poetic that could add any last minute announcements into that the school might throw at you in the morning...e.g. lets say that you are told...announce band concert rehearsals this Friday... you could have already prepared...

"______________________________________is something that you must not forget"

"if you're not______________________________ it is something that you might regret"

 so you would say...

 band concert rehearsals this Friday is something that you must not forget"
if you're not_there on friday__________ it is something that you might regret"

Do you see how these lines could then be adapted for any last minute announcements you are given? 

This info. is all I have at present.

6   Day 1 / Week 1

Grade 4 Field Trip Sungei Buloh
7  Day 2 / Week 1

 Grade 4 Field Trip Sungei Buloh

8   Day 3 / Week 1
Alternate Dress Day
 Grade 4 Field Trip Sungei Buloh
9   Day 1 / Week 1

GATE Math Fair 1:00-2:30pm - all GATE Math students take part.
10  Day 2 / Week 1

Grade 4 Field Trip Sungei Buloh

Friday, January 27, 2012

Next Week

You guys did REALLY well this week! I can't believe we covered so much in just three days. Well done! I am really so impressed with the way you are all progressing :-)
  • Think about your County Fair paragraph - you can work on that over the w/end or Monday if you choose. TQ to anybody that posts this for comment on the blog over the w/end.
  • Be thinking about your Announcements Challange for next Friday - How will your team be unique?
  • Be ready with your song/poem. No excuses. Make sure you know when you are performing.

Enjoy your spreakers below. (Add it to your blog)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Spreaker - Revolutionary Radio - Clayton Class

Enjoy some of the radio broadcasts from today

Announcements Challenge

Daily Announcements - Competition II

Mon 6th Feb
Arielle & Maddy -v- Aditya and Nakul
Tue 7th Feb
Carter & George -v- Nick and Rohan
Wed 8th Feb
Jacqueline and Rachel -v- Emma and Sabine
Thur 9th Feb
Han and Breann -v- Camille & Anisha
Fri 10th Feb
Caroline and Maya -v- Riya and Harrisen -v-Zach and Alex

Research your day and collect information. Put together your announcement and perform it in the style of a poem  (if it was would be a waste of time doing it!)

Presentations to class - Fri 3rd Feb

Study Link 7.9
IXL I.4 I.6 compulsory(GRADE 6 level!)
IXL I.7 (Optional)

Compulsory: Watch this video again to recap the last two math learning

Possessive Nouns Booklet Exercises  - POSTPONED (Do the link below instead) -Read and complete the exercises
(remember it is just 'more common' to use 'of the' with objects. This exercise may have some questions that allow the possessive form with objects instead of the 'of the' construction
e.g. both can be acceptable:
the pages of the book
the book's pages

Due:    Poems Recitation     Song Interpreation
Mon    Student #s 1-4         Student #s 5-8
Tue     Student #s 9-12      Student #s 13-16
Wed    Student #s 17-22    Student #s 1-4
Thur   Student #s 5-8        Student #s 9-12
Fri      Student #s 13-16   Student #s 17-22

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Positive and Negative Integers

Watch this video again to recap today's lesson

Learn the integer song to help you  with postive and negative number addition and subtraction

Study link  7.8
  • Finish your extended metaphor poems (Due: Thur)
  • Have you extended your metaphors throughout the poem? - This poem will be assessed!
Be prepared:
Song interpretations (We will start these in class on Thursday) - Use the format from today's lesson P.O.E.T.R.Y. to go beyond the surface of the onion. Choose a song that is challenging- You are allowed to do a digital or live presentation of your song interpreation - more on this Thursday.
Enjoy this again.  If you were to write a song/poem..what would your song to your mother sound like?

Student council speeches (Due: Fri) - If you wish to participate
Final spreaker recoridng Fri.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Poetry Recitation Rubric

This is how you will be assessed on your poem recitations starting next Monday. Will you be ready?

Camille's animoto

Anisha's animoto

Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year

Enjoy Sabine and Rachel's noun song again

The Poetry of Music - Thinking Ahead
One of next week's H/W tasks is to choose a song that has powerful 'poetic lyrics' - you are expected to do this task with a parent. It is due for the Thur 26th. You will need to bring the printed lyrics to the song to school. Discuss with a parent what you belive the message behind the lyrics are. (You will be writing a paragraph explaining your choice of song and why in class next Thursday) You DO NOT have to do this over the Chinese New Year - but  for some of you who are not traveling want to make a start on this.  - Your parents are allowed to HELP you choose an appropriate song.

You are welcome to sing the song you choose in class if you have a musical talent (or even if you don't!)

Here's the video from today's class to enjoy again... What message can you take from this poem?

Poetry Recitation Week will begin Jan 23rd - (I forgot that next week is a short week). You will need to have a well respected poem memorized for that week). You will be graded on yor BEVES delivery.

Student of the Week: Caroline

Blogger of the Week: Rohan
(Keep your blogs up to date)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Extended Mataphors: Today's Meet (Do NOT comment until told to do so)

Study Link 7.6 (Due: Fri)
IXL - S.2 (Compulsory)

Social Studies:  Radio broadcast research: You should be completing your research for your radio broadcast.  You do not need to be finished with writing you paragraphs, but you should have finished collecting all the research for your paragraphs.

We will perform our noun songs tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

War House

Noun Collage is a priority tonight (Due: Thur)

  • A central idea/message/journey
  • Effective poetic structure
  • Integration of approx. 20 nouns
  • Neatly presented 
Will yours shine?

Other H/W:
  • Bring  2 examples of STRONG metaphors
  • You should have memorized the first four - six lines (you may memorize more if you choose of a well respected poem.  You will  be reciting this in class in a 'introductory' poetry recitation event. (Due: Thur)

War Horse
Optional: Continue playing Order of Operations Math games from  in yesterday's blog post.

Optional: Win a TQ if you can add an effective reflection of  today's movie.
From I.S. Office
Students may wear red on Friday in celebration of Chinese New Year.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Order of Operations - Further Practice

Todays Meet - Backchannel discussion
Watch this short video for examples of beautiful similes

Math = Optional H/W
Use these games to further practice today's concept

Now test yourself

Noun Booklet Complete p.8 and p.9 (Due: Wed)

Noun song: (Due: DRAFT only Wed)
Noun collage poem: (Due: Thur) - This poem should be typed and stuck in  the middle of your noun collage paper

Memorize a stanza from a well respected poem. (Check out my link on blog)
You will recite the poem in class (Due: Thur)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Figurative Language

Do Study link 7.5

Everyday Object Poem - Printed and handed in Tue. DO NOT FORGET THIS!

Make sure you have all the pictures stuck on your noun collage page for tomorrow. You will use this is  class Tuesday.

Favorite Nouns songs - (Due Wed) - Use google docs to work virtually on this assignment. Min 16 lines. Make sure all  7 noun rules are included. At least x20 examples of different plural nouns should be in your song.

Math Enrichment Students- H/W (Due: Next Wed)

Reminders: some people still need to:
  • Upload their Causes of the Revolution animotos
  • Finish their heart maps
  • Last day for Student Council letters
  • bring money for field trip

Friday, January 13, 2012

See - Think - Wonder

Enjoy this beautiful poem again. What will you 'see, think, wonder' in all your poems in the future?

Movie preview

War House Permission slip: Must be returned Monday!

Student of the Week: Nicholas

Blogger of the Week:  BREANN

Team Competition 1st Place so far: Braz (What is this team doing that your team isn't?)

Next Week

The Friday Message: Carpe Diem
Why did I make this clip the Friday message?

Student Council Letter: Print and return MONDAY if you want to be considered

Thursday, January 12, 2012

order of operations

Watch this video to receive an introudction into 'Order of Operations'

Math Study Link 7.4 (Due: Fri)
Nouns Booklet W/sheet (Due: Fri) p.2 + p.3
Everyday Objective Poem - Due: Next Tue

WILF (What I'm Looking For)
  • Title/Author
  • The Journey (What is the purpose of your poem?)
  • Precise word choice
  • Clear Structure and Balance
  • Integration of different types of noun  C-PAC
  • Avoidance of banned words (There is/are, is, was, were, are, you,)
  • Approx. 16 lines (but I am flexible on this
  • Imagine inserted that is representative of your poem
Continue working on your noun collage (no due date yet)
Continue working on your Heart collage  - How will yours be unique?
(Due: Mon)

Social Studies Paragraph - We will finish this in class on Friday!
Postponed: Poem memorization task that was on your Week at a Glance sheet will be postponed until week beginning 23rd January

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Clayton class - Paragraphs

For Clayton Class Students: Social Studies
Copy  your paragraphs into to a comment window on this post OR

If it is easier, just print out your paragraph and bring me a hard copy to school tomorrow (Thur)
Post your Kennings poems on your blog.

Use Google docs to finish your paragraph

Use these links with your social studies

Group essay question:  What are the similiarities between the Declaration of Independence and the recent revolution in Egypt - Your finished piece should be posted on your blog by Friday.

Scientific Notation: Recap: WATCH THIS VIDEO!

1) Study Link 7.3 (Due: Thur)
2) Brainstorm ideas and begin drafting your 'everyday object' poem (final draft for this is moved to Friday)
Remember: WORDS IS, ARE, WAS WERE, BANNED from your poem ( you  can use one or two if you need to but AVOID them like the plague)
3) Begin collecting items for your 'Poetic Heart' desk collage (Collage is Due: next Monday)

Aren't you glad to be back :-)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Week 1 Qtr 3 - Day 2 Poetry

Recap on exponents. Watch this short video to recap today's session

Enjoy your jigsaw puzzle again. Can you remember the characteristics of poetry?

Find two poems on the internet that you think express an emotion, idea, feeling. Bring them to school. Poems should be printed and cut out. (Due: Wed) There are links on the left of the blog to help with your search.

Kennings Poem: (Due Wed)
Make sure your finished draft meets most of the characteristics of effective poetry.

Everyday Object Poem (Due: Thur) - We will start this in class tomorrow. YOU Do NOT have to work on this tonight.
WILF: Approx. 16 lines, precise word choice, clear title, poetic format, purpose has a purpose

Remember Mrs Clayton's Science H/W: Due Thur

Clayton Class: I look forward to reading your group essays. Remember: avoid words like you, I, there is /there are
Wednesday's Social Studies: Class Exercise

Use these links with your social studies

Group essay question:  What are the similiarities between the Declaration of Independence and the recent revolution in Egypt

Monday, January 9, 2012

Week 1 Qtr 3

Welcome back!

A very warm welcome to our new students Arielle and Carter.  They will be checking the blog tonight, so feel free to post to  them a welcome message.

Unit 7 Study link 7.1 and Math Box 7.1 (Due: Tue)

Write your first draft of your Kennings Poem
(Due: Tue)

Bring into school an everyday object. BE CREATIVE
e.g. toothpaste, brush, nail

Watch the clip from the movie again. What is the teacher's message?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Welcome Back - Week 1 Qtr 3

Welcome Back! -We hit the ground running and dive straight into our poetry unit.

Print out your  H/W sheet below. You may want to start thinking about some of the items you will need to begin 'collecting' for next week.

Tech Integration: You will need accounts with these sites.

Enjoy a glimpse of what makes me tick...
Krabi, Thailand 2011/12 on PhotoPeach

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