Thursday, March 31, 2016

Writing Scenes that Show a Social Issue

Lesson Recap

H/W Book Club books need to be finished by Monday.
Do grammar practice exercises from this week's earlier blog post.
All Classes: You should have at least 15 lines of your scene written by next Tuesday 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Defining Social Issues

Make a copy

Choose one social issue that you are interested in and watch the video. Take notes on the video.

Find an article related to the social issue you investigated - use the library resource list database. (Due. Thur)
Remember: Come with an idea for your grammar Memory hook for tomorrow.

Monday, March 28, 2016

HB Activity Click here
Lesson Recap: Make your thinking Visible

Read up to your agreed upon page in your book club. Will you make your thinking visible?

Grammar Summative: Guidelines below. Make sure you have an 'idea' for memory hook for Wed.


Thursday, March 17, 2016

Poetry Top 10

Please return all classroom library books tomorrow. We will go to the school library to check out books for the holiday reading Fri.

Poetry Top 10 - Deadline extended until FRIDAY
Drop your work in here: My Poetry Top 10 e.g.

You need 80mins Membean for last two weeks by End of Class Fri.
Minutes done up to Thur.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Thursday's Classes
Homebase Lesson

RLA UN Day Lesson: Click Here

Poetry Top 10 - Deadline extended until FRIDAY
Drop your work in here: My Poetry Top 10

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My poetry Top 10

Poetry Recitation Redos - My classroom Wed. from 7:30am onwards

H/W - You need to turn in your poetry Top 10 by Thursday. You must END your Poetry Top 10 with a copy of your final 'original poem' and your author's note.

Task: Name the 'top 10' things you have learned to do as a poet. 
  • You must provide an example of each one - (you cannot copy examples from class.) Use examples from your own work or poems you find.
  • Use attractive slide design
  • Narrate your slides using quicktime screen recorder or iMovie
  • You must END your Poetry Top 10 with a copy of your final 'original poem' and your author's note.
Drop your work in here: My Poetry Top 10

Student Samples

Final Tips for Reciting Poetry

Monday, March 14, 2016

Poscars Week

Example of an author's note

If I Should Have a Daughter by Sara Kay
H/W - Come with a printed copy of your poem completely annotated.

Awards Categories

Enjoy one of Mr. Buxton's favorite poems

Enjoy Coby's Tritime. Listen to his scenario opening and the depth of his research. Notice how he credits his facts to his research. 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Poscars: This WEEK!

Extended metaphor grades are in powerschool. How does yours compare?

You should have 80 minutes of Membean by Fri (total for last two weeks) 90mins+ scores exemplary
Image result for membean

POscar Award Categories

  • Best Visual Interpretation (Use of Body Language)
  • Best Projection (Volume), Inflection (Pauses), Pacing, (Speed) 
  • Best Use of Props
  • Best Group Poem
  • Most Improved Poet
  • Best Poem interpretation (max. 1min of speaking)
  • Best Original Poem (Overall 'top' award for poem and performance)

How will you shock, thrill, surprise, engage, excite your listeners?

Friday, March 11, 2016

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sonnets...Who can you praise?

For HB: Take time to foucs on your habits. Make one choice to take control

Lesson Recap: Sonnets
Image result for internet addiction

H/W Draft of a sonnet for tomorrow
Student Sample
Not of Shining Stars
By: Joaquin de Jesus

Unlike the blazing glare of shining stars
The silent shade of trees surpasses all 
Reviving like the strumming of guitars
Singing the tranquil breeze of cooling fall
For Rest cannot simply be found but sought
It is a dove that’s shooting in and out
Through tempest seas, extreme canyons, and naught.
But that cannot be what Rest is about
Like the creeping shadow, and not the stars
For tis not the spring, but the windblown fall
The bandages that heal most painful scars
Restores the pain of day during nightfall
The journey home at the end of a quest
Nothing compares to the healing of Rest

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Syllablic Verse and Poetry Party

Image result for poetry party
Next Wednesday - Poetry Party Celebration - In the library

You will need to have two poems to share - One must be memorized. You will need to audition next Tuesday in order to receive an invite. You will receive on summative speaking grade for this audition (rubric on left side of blog) .If you do not get invited to the party, you will be given other work to complete. In order to receive an invite, you need to memorize a poem and practice delivering it with PIPES. You just need to prove that you put some effort into the preparation of your poems. The poetry parties will be multiple classes together. The poem you memorize could be one you have worked on before. Any poems you have already drafted can be used at the end. It is expected that you will edit and redraft 'with poets eyes' 

Students are encouraged to bring in food and drinks to eat and share at the party.

  • One poem must be one you have written yourself
  • One poem must be a a published poem (written by another author)
  • Author's note needs to be prepared for each poem
Resource : - + look at the links on my blog on the left side for poems. Finals of the recitation competition will also happen on this day.

Use this to count your syllables counts syllables

H/W Do not forget that your Extended Metaphor Poems are due Thur - Syllablic verse poems due FriALL classes!
C/D Class Extended Metaphor
E/F Class Extended Metaphor

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