Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Visiting Author: Day 1

Link to our visiting author's website.

Feel free to copy paste your drafts for comment.

Remember: You must bring BOTH a hard copy and a digital copy (on USB key or google docs) to work on tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Homework Week 5

Click on the above link to see your H/W for the week after Thanksgiving.

Remember -
  • Come with an idea for your personal narrative
  • Be thinking about a world event that you would like to research e.g. The buidling of the Hoover Dam (you may ask your parents for advice on an appropriate world event)
Congratulations to Showing not Telling Champions 2010
Eliza and Mary Selwyn
Gracie and Mary Elliot

Congratulations to Breck for your excellent speech to the whole school today!

Congratulations to Have Lunch with an author winners:

India Persson; Eliza Cotchett
Savannah Kasay; Austin Fitzgerald
Thomas Aucamp; Mimi Ughetta
Ansley Blom; Bekah Summa

Rich Pope; Thomas Layton
Ashely Foley; Cady Hammer
Livy Smith; Breck Stenson
Julia Tayloe Gracie Matthews

Congratulations to the rest of your for your wonderful historical narratives.

Have a truly relaxing and enjoyable Thanksgiving. Rest, relax, and have plenty of fun. Don't forget your little 'Thanksgiving' toast at the dinner table. This would truly put a smile on your family members' faces. Take care!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Showing not Telling - Day 5


By Austin F. and Will H.
Slowly walking past Charlotte Latin School, CLS, I see big bins spilling over with cans. Wit ha concrete bed, trees standing like soldiers on command, and a vast blue sky, I (wish) I had a house on this street. A thought ran through my head, "how could they have collected so much, and where was it going?" Suddenly, a truck pulls up to pick up the canned goods. "No you can't take them away; I'm starving and need some food." To look at a kid in tattered, beaten clothes probably startled the dirvers, but they gestured me to come over and handed me over a can of Dole golden pineapples.  The can was like a precious diamond from the earth. "Thank you, sirs."I exclaimed.  They just turned around and with an ear to ear smile, headed back to the Loaves and Fishes truck. Seeing the sign on the truck, I hesitated. I ran toward them and gave  back the can of pineapples.  (Last line added for dramatic effect)

By Mary Elliot and Gracie
The smell of yeast and cinnamon wafted through the bakery's open red door. Every now and again, some lucky person  would stride out of the bakery carrying a diligently wrapped package. Everytime someone came out, I always wished I ws the one carrying the package. Day after day, month  after month, I sat right on the sidewalk next to the bakery.  One  sunny afternoon, a young woman stepped out of the bakery carrying her package. The lady promptly handed me the package.  Confused, I got up and began to take it to her car, but she stopped me, " you have it child. You need this cinnamon bun more than I do.

Only H/W tonight is to finish your narratives for tomorrow.

I am expecting GREAT narratives from all of you tomorrow. Make them the best piece of writing you have ever done... please!

  • Showing not Telling Language
  • Some precise facts about your person
  • Sentence Fluency
  • Some figurative and sensory language
  • Variety of sentence openings.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Showing Not Telling - Day 4

By Sophie H and Colin
As the bug parks next ot my lake, my best friend and I hop in to the icy water. When we come up, my friend's hair shnes like gold in the evening light. With laughter pouring out of our smiling faces, we splash each other with water. Frantically, we stumble to the house. A few hours later with droopy eyes we can tell that, " we were gonna be friends"

By Thomas and Martha Wright (15/20)
Butterflies fill my stomach as I step outside the Audi Q7.  The cool breeze blowing in my face makes goose pimples crawl up my back.  I walk up the hard wooden steps and enter through the squeaky door and enter through the old rusted cabin.  Ten year old girls sawrmed the cabin like ants atacking a cricket.  One small girl was siting in a corner.  I slowed walked over to her and diligently asked her what her name was.  Her quiet response was, " Sarah."  I asked her if she wanted to got to the lake.  She quicklyresponde, "sure."  As we jumped into the icy cold water I soon realized that we were going to  be friends.

  • Day 4 Results- to come. Buxton class did not finish Day 4 yet.
  • Only H/W for next week will be narrative final draft on Tuesday. We will continue working on these narratives Monday. Feel free to upload your narratives ove the w/end for comment if you would like to. THERE IS NO H/W sheet.
  • Results of Author's Luncheon Comptetion will be given Monday.  Thank you to all those who entered.
  • My class -Remember spelling test will be Monday.
  • After Thanksgiving, you will have a two day workshop with a professional author. Over these two days, you will write a personal narrative related  to your own life. Be thinking of the topic you want to write about. It can be anything at all from your life. The event must be true. You must have a clear topic for the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Enjoy the weekened.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Southeast region Narratives - Feedback

Producing writing of a high quality almost NEVER happens the first time. I know for some of you, our mini conferences today were frustrating. The thought of starting over or rethinking a piece that you have already spent so much time on takes courage, a sense of determination, and a desire to strive for excellence. Quoting a phrase of the week, "two people look through the same bars, one sees mud, the other sees stars." Try to see the need to start over as a positive not a chore. We still have three days to work on this piece. I am confident you will all rise to this challenge!

Feel free to post portions of your narrative for peer review and comment.

Showing Not Telling - Day 3

Graham class did an excellent job today.

By Wyatt and Quin  (9)
The audience gradually silenced after a crazy applause that sounded like thunder. Good, thought William. If they liked the introduction, then the rhythm they were about to hear would ring in their ears forever.  Breathing in deeply, he began the symphony. The violins started with bows on strings which shocked the crowd with its beauty. The pianist, Sonja, was William's wife, so she brought more awe with her nimble fingers striking keys as swiftly as butterflies. Every living thing shook to the beat even the flies and mouses outside. The melody stunned even William who loved this creation of his own and the rhythm that brought him fame. It would pump in his blood forever.

By Mary Elliot and Gracie (9 1/2) - The perspective in this one is SUPERB!
The tips of Elizabeth's smooth fingers pressed down gently on my ivory white and ebony black keys. Elizabeth's soft touch made a beautiful ringing sound that seemed to come out of my soul.  The ringing felt like I was the only insrument in the orchestra. Earlier that Sunday morning, Elizabeth had polished me to perfection.  As we finished Beethoven's fifth symphony,  the volume rose in a cresendo. Suddenly, the audience made my heart soar as they gave me a standing ovation.

Don't forget:
  • Last day for your author lunch competition entries is Friday.
  • Make sure you have tackled the predicate and subject exercises on the blog for practice for Friday's test.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Showing not Telling - Day 2

                                                     By Guaruv and Kenndy (8 1/2)
Whirling winds outside the open window came and ribbed their skin like sandpaper. The florescent moon shimmered and reflected on the buildings class windows and below. On top of the hill, Jack and Jane gazed down at the town that seemed to have neen torn to shreds. The happiness that had once gazed over their faces had disappeared like a lion devouring its meal. In the course of two seconds, their mother had fallen and rolled down into the dark deceiving pond at the clang of midnight. Like angels in the sky, the stars glowed as Jack and jane were greeted with another gale of wind.

By Eliza and Mary Selwyn (8)
As I glance out of the window. the moon's gleem caught my eye. The pine tree's scent lingered in the air from the mountian around the moon. Standing out from all the other buildings was the church's mosaic window glowing from the light of the stars.  My window swayed back and forth from the wind of the night.  The old oak tree in the front of my window was almost gone from the various years it has lived.  My happiness shined out like the stars as a smile spread across my face. Contented, I closed my window and headed back into my dreams. (For dramatic effect and to close the story where it began - I added the last sentence)

Look at this video again to recap our lesson today on Sensory language. Will you be able to use sensory language in your narrative?

Showing Not Telling Competition - comments welcomed

By Bennett and Sophie Smith

The pioneers, Scott and Janis, stand as still as obedient soldiers. The skinny old man has as many wrinkles as an old oak tree. Janie’s blond hair shimmers in the graceful sunlight. Her dotted dress matches the beautiful curtains in their three story house. Beads of sweat trickled down Scott’s face after he had filled barrels with hay from the barn. Janie’s eye’s were as blue as the cloudless sky. Their solemn faces and dragging feet showed their unhappiness. A fragrant smell of burning wax filled the air.

By Lilly and Adit

The farmers, Robert and Beth, were staring diligently at their detached farm. With their hands shaking and their knees stuttering, the farmers tried to fight back their tears. The warm misty air was trying to recover from the devastating act that had just happened in the fields. The blazing hot fire had covered all one hundred acres of the land that they owned.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Figurative Language

Homework Change

1) Watch these videos to recap what we studied today and learn more about figurative language.

2)Write the little paragraph about your sport using at least two examples of the four types of figurative language we studied today. Due: Tue(The timeshift worksheet will be given for H/W tomorrow)

Important: There is a typo on the H/W sheet. There is no vocabulary test Friday. Friday's test is the plural nouns spelling unit.

Author Comptetition: Due: Fri

Sunday, November 14, 2010

This Week - Narrative Week

I have added a number of useful posts on the blog today to help you with work for next week. You will need to scroll down this first page to find the following information:

  • Homework Sheet (click on link toward bottom of the page)
  • Links for Southeast region region (use for note-taking on your famous person)
  • Videos on Famous person (Use to gain an insight into settings/time period)
  • Subjects and Predicates test Practice (Use to begin reviewing for Friday's test)

Remember: Lunch with an author competition - Due Date: Fri 19th (or before)

Subjects and Predicates - Test Review (Test is on Friday )

Use these resources to practice for the test on Friday.  Spend between 5-10mins reviewing each link over the next 5 days. Make notes of any questions you don't understand or ones you can't get correct.


Use arrow keys and space bar to catch fish


Subjects and Predicates Online questions and games
Print out this test and complete it

Southeast Region Narratives

Watch the videos below to get more information on your southeast region person for your narrative:

Wright Brothers
Eli Whitney
Robert Fulton
(not a long video, but at least a little extra info)
George Washington Carver

Decide fromn  whose point of view you will be writing your narrative
e.g.  a slave in the field, an observer of the flight,  a passanger on the steamboat etc.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Homework Week 3 Tri 2

Click the title above to see your H/W for next week.

Feel free to work ahead if you would like.
I had added an exercise on 'time shift sentences for further practice

Watch this video on time shift, past perfect, sentences!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Subjects and Predicates - RECAP

Watch these videos to review today's lesson on Subjects and Predicates

This video is  an IMPORTANT simple recap on compound subjects and predicates

Try these online exercises for further practice.
Subjects and Predicates Test will be  Fri. Nov 19th

Southeast Region Links

Use these links below for your research on your southeast region person. This will be next week's H/W. Feel free to continue taking notes on your famous person if you would like to do so.

Daniel Boone Photo Tour:

Famous People from the Southeast
For any
1. Encyclopedia Britannica:  username: Latinhawks, password: cls
2. Enchanted Learning:  username: charlottelatin61542, password: cider54

The Wright Brothers
5. Timeline:

Eli Whitney

Jimmy Carter

Robert Fulton

George Washington Carver

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Visiting Author Competition

Click the link below to see/download the questions you need to answer to enter our 'Visit
ing Author' Comptetition. Will you be the one chosen to have a special lunch with Mrs. Edie Hemingway, award winning author? Make sure you use your writing techniques when crafting the answers to the question.

closing Date for answes: Friday Nov. 19th

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sunday, November 7, 2010

This is new software that I trying to integrate into the blog. Press your mouse on the screen to enlarge the text! I think we can all see the potential here.

Nouns - Prezi

This is a new presentation style called prezi - you can learn how to make them at - what do you think of mine on nouns?

You may need to keep clicking on the mouse/video to advance through the presentation. There are a few errors in it, but I'm learning!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

nouns Southeast Assignment

Just to reiterate:

WILF for your Tale on the Southeast

Noun Story
  • Your noun story (narrative) should use facts about the southeast from your video notes
  • You must have at least one example of  each type of Noun  (C-PAC)
  • You must have one singular possessive noun sentence and one plural possessive noun sentence
  • You must have at least one example of each of the seven rules for making nouns plural
  • It is recommended that you type this up and stick it onto your paper
  • A small collage of pictures about the southeast will form the border for your writing
Highlight or label the different examples of the nouns you integrate into your work.

Noun Song
  • You may imitate the style and format of  the 'My favorite things' song in your noun booklet or you may create your own tune/style.
  • Your song will be at least  12 lines long in TOTAL (two stanzas x4 lines per stanza and the 4 short lines that end the song)
  • You must have at least one example of each plural noun rule in your song. e.g.  from the businesses
This work in due in tomorrow (Thur) - Mrs. Graham's class can have an extra 30mins tomorrow morning as their lessons were cut short today.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Change to H/W sheet

Collect between 6-10 small pictures about the southeast region from the interent instead of
the southeast region activity on the H/W sheet. These pictures will be used to do a short piece of  writing  about the southeast or song about the region. The pictures donot necessary have to all be exactly of the southeast, but they could represent  facts that you have read about in your booklet. e.g. the oil refineries image on the right. Do not forget the pictures! (Due: Wed)

My class only. Spelling worksheets due in tomorrow! We will play spelling races in class so be ready!

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