Monday, August 31, 2015

Notice and Note: Summative

You MUST read this text tonight - All Classes  TEXT. - Your assessment is on this story tomorrow. You may use any notes you take in class

Monthly Message -What are your class mates doing?
You really MUST read this too - This is what exemplary looks like!

This was exemplary. +1 if you can give a reason why in the comments

Friday, August 28, 2015

Monthly Message

MONTHLY MESSAGE - Drop your link in here. DUE DATES C/D class and E/F class -  This is needed by Monday's session. G/H By Tuesday's session. +2 if you get your work in BEFORE class starts. 

EXEMPLARY EXAMPLE of finished piece. How does yours compare?

How good is your evidence

Remember - MAKE sure you are giving specific evidence to support your ideas.


Win +1 if you watch this with a parent (decide which one needs to see it the most!)

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Today's requirements.

  1. Membean - 5mins MAX
  2. Students to take notes  for their  Monthly Message. You can use their computers or their composition books to take notes.  25-30mins
  3. Partner Reading 15-20mins. Update your reading log. Begin by sharing what they have noticed and create at least one sticky. Read silently.

No new information today. Read earlier blog posts to know your responsibilities for Friday.

Read and keep your reading log up to date.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Types of Evidence

Reread the Paperbag Princess

Lesson Recap - How effective is your evidence?
All Classes
The file for your claims will stay open until Friday at 8:30am. You can do as many tries to improve  your claim until Fri. I will look at the file twice each evening only. (I need to relax too in the evenings.) Copy your claim here.  This is your first reading grade. 

On Friday, you will write your first 'Monthly Message'  - This is a rough set of guidelines. You will begin this in class Thur and Fri.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Words of the Wiser

Lesson Recap

The file for your claims will stay open until Friday at 8:30am. You can put as many tries to improve  your claim into there until this time. I will look at the file 2 each evening only. (I need to relax too in the evenings.) Copy your claim here

Make sure you read up to the agreed partner book page

Optional: Win +1 if you can add and 'wise words' and explain them in a comment.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Writing Effective Claims

Make a copy of this file and add it to your bookmarks: Membean Note Taking Sheet

C/D Class Code S3GQ82V
E/F Class Code S3GQDQ8
G/H Class Code S3GQASN

Root of the Week - Crat


Lesson Recap - Writing Claims

Compare your claim to the claim on this list. How deep is your thinking?
Stronger ideas from class today

  • (optional) Write a claim about the last independent book you read.  (You will have 10 mins. to  write this in class tomorrow.  (G/H Wed) Copy your claim here
  • Read for 20 mins and keep your reading log updated. You will be assessed on whether you can keep a reading log  on Friday.
1st Writing GRADE
You will have to turn in by the end of Friday's class a reflection piece on 'what you have learned so far in RLA.  This piece will be graded on your claim and the evidence that you use to support your claim. (More on this on Wed.) You will be given time this week to work on this piece in class. I am telling you in advance, so you have time this week to start collecting notes on:
1) What you have learned
2) How can you prove that you have learned it

Also be thinking: What format do you want to use to present your learning. e.g. a letter, a news broadcast, a lyric poem, others?

Friday, August 21, 2015

Tough Questions

Lesson Recap:  Tough Questions help us spot the 'internal conflict'  : Half and Half (Read to the ***) section

Notice and note

Optional - Win +1 for writing a comment that states what the internal conflict is in your independent reading book. 

READING - You are expected to read over the weekend. This will be checked on Monday.

Friday Message. If you believe, you will succeed! - Optional: Leave a comment saying something that you want to work harder at over the coming weeks - win a +1

Have a great w/end.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Ha Moments

Lesson Recap

H/W READ - E/F & C/D classes only.

Make sure you have taken at least 2 'quality' sticky notes about your reading. (Due: THUR)

On Thursday, you will have your writing 'On Demand.' Make sure you come to class with an 'idea' for this writing piece. 

For Friday - Make sure you spend 5mins familiazing yourself with these ideas for our next read aloud Activating Schema

H/W READ - E/F & C/D classes only.
Make sure you have taken at least 2 'quality' sticky notes about your reading. (Due: THUR)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Notice and Note Contrasts and Contradictions

Today's Session

Finish collecting 'contrasts and contradictions'  about The Giver - Ch.1. You should have approx. 6 correctly written sticky notes. 

G/H Class
Write one correctly written 'sticky' about an 'a ha' moment from Crash.  Who will win the 'sticky' challenge off?

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Crossover

No H/W tonight. Make sure you READ for at least 30minutes.

G/H class - Make sure you read Ms. Beltinck's blog for your work.

Leave a comment for a +point. What is an 'important' take away from today's  session with Kwame?

Friday, August 14, 2015

See Think Wonder

We learned how to transitive from avid readers (plot junkies) to interpretative readers. Great readers recongize that there has only ever been one plot ever written, "nothing is what it seems."

Make sure you bring your independent reading book to every class from now on.
Optional - Spend some time refining your question for our visiting author (Mon - C.D and E/F. Thur G/H block)
Optional - Win +1 if you copy/paste you question for our author into a comment. Remember - you will need to refine the question and make it succinct (find out what that word means!)

Lesson Recap

Student Sample

The Friday Message
Will you give up when it gets tough, or will you show patience and perseverance? Win +1 for leaving a comment!

Have a great w/end!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Power of Words

Welcome to RLA

Digital Notebook

Today, you were introduced to the 'power of words'
Some major take-aways:

  • 'Fail - BIG' - Push yourself 
  • Smash out of that comfort zone!
  • Practice what you are BAD at!

H/W  (Due Fri)
Bring a book that you have read that you would recommend to other 7th graders. You might need to go to the library

Write a comment under today's blog post that states something that you learned in RLA class.

Stick your 'Comfort Zone' in a special place near your desk. Take a photo of it and place the image on your blog. We will compare images in 3 months to see how you have stepped out. (Due: Next Monday)

Secret Question: The answer to the secret question is SAUSAGES. You will need this tomorrow.
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