Wednesday, December 14, 2016

End of the Beginning

Congratulations on turning in your final research paper. We have learned a lot about the process of research in this unit. For the majority of your educational careers and from most of your professional careers, you will most likely do considerable research. Remember the lessons from this first run through so that you can apply them to all future research projects. An SAS teacher recently shared this image related to the credibility of sources  in the 21st century.

H/W - You should be able to finish your reflection video with 40 minutes of class time tomorrow.

Sample Reflection Video

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Final Drafts

You have been sent a document for your final draft. Your final research paper must be copied inside that document.

Presentation format: See below

Today we learned two techniques to bring voice into our piece.
Attitude and Tone Words and Superlatives

Friday, December 9, 2016

Research Papers - Leads and Endings

1st Semester Data Points

Mentor Texts

Just read the introductions for these mentor samples- What do you notice?
Protest Against Racial Profiling
Coming Out
Guns Laws in the U.S.

DUE DATE for this paper = Next Wednesday - THERE ARE NO EXTENSIONS - Reports cards are written on this day - This paper CANNOT BE RESUBMITTED.

Rubric: Argument Rubric

RETURN ALL CLASS Reading books by next Wednesday. We will go to the library on Thursday to check out books for the break.

The Friday Message - This takes you back to your HB work over the last two weeks on labels

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Plagiarism checker: is your work unique? 

We will work on Introductions and Conclusions tomorrow.
You should have completed ALL your research and be ready to start working on the final draft.

Membean TEST tomorrow

Today's Work
Use these MENTOR samples and see if you can see something in each on that you can use in your paper - The claim for this piece was: Despite the  many situations where guns have been to blame for innocent deaths, firearms must stay legal in the U.S. but under stricter laws.

Quote Sandwich Example

Laws by far, have always been there to guide, mentor, and advise each and every citizen, those laws are not always as firm as they were intended to be. By tightening the loose bonds, the US can lower the number of tragic shootings. In an Article by Lori Higgins called, “Should Guns be allowed in School” sources the Ann Arbor Public Schools superintendent. She says, “As a society, we regularly protect our airports, our courtrooms, our Legislatures. We have a number of locations designated in the law that are considered protected places. We certainly feel like one could not think of a more worthy location for that protection than a public school classroom.” Usually, school and college campuses seem safe, and they usually are. However, when a shooting occurs, campuses can seem unsafe, risky, and insecure. The article teaches the reader the fearful and scary truth, Safety is at utmost risk, especially with the loosely enforced gun laws. It greatly emphasizes the need of guns in schools. If the laws or regulations are changed, schools in America can turn it around and rejoice in the safety of faculty and students. In other words, firearms need to have stricter laws concerning their impact on numerous schools.

Counterargument MENTOR

However, many parents, teachers, and news reporters argue that guns should be completely outlawed. Arguably, the evidence against guns appears flawless and a bit convincing. Everybody knows that guns can be misused by criminals to create dreadful destruction. One example is on an article by John Stossel titled “Why Guns are Good” says that guns kill 30,000 Americans every year. Despite the title, it does clearly prove that guns are responsible for thousands of deaths. This tragic statistic it very true. Compared to Canada, where there are only 780 gun related deaths per year shows that the US is clearly facing a problem. In the critic's point of view, the only solution is banning guns. But seriously, guns are not the problem. Clearly, this vision of these critics is incredibly short sighted. Criminals are taking advantage of these loose gun laws, and using guns that should not under any condition be open for the public. The same article continues on stating “Free society violence is always going to be a part of it if guns are available.” Meaning, the solution is Congress needs to make gun laws stricter so it will be harder to obtain them. Outlawing guns is just ridiculous, unbelievable, and outrageous. Undoubtedly, we as a society know that creating stricter gun laws, will make guns themselves harder to poses and school shootings rare.

Advanced Level Step

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

CounterArgument - How effective will yours be?

Image result for open micThe Quill Creative Writers club is hosting an open mic in the library on tech-free lunch Thursday.  They have a few sign ups but after that it's first come-first served.  Share a snippet any of your writing pieces this year or any of your own original work with a small audience. Get involved!

Lesson Recap: Today, you learned to structure and argue a counterclaim or counterargument. Learn the steps below.

You should have 30mins of Membean by the end of the week. 
Do research for your paper or read

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Parallel Structure Test

Use this link to go to your parallel structure test

You should have completed all the 'research for your second quote sandwich for tomorrow's class.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Email Home

H/W - First quote sandwich needs submitting by END of CLASS Tuesday IN SEESAW. (ALL CLASSES - G/H included). If you do not turn yours in, you will not get any feedback. If you do not get any feedback, you will not be able to improve the rest of your quote sandwiches and be successful with this paper. This paper cannot be resubmitted!

Lesson Recap

Reminder - You have your parallel structure test tomorrow. Use these exercises to practice.

Parallel Structure Test will be next Tuesday. Below are some optional links for your to practice the types of questions asked in the test. We will also spend some time in Monday's class working on these links. 

Important: There will be a few questions on the test on subjects and predicates and opening and delayed adjectives.
If you know the difference between a simple, complete, compound and complete compound subjects, you will be fine. Do you know the different types of predicates?
Can you spot an opening or delayed adjective in a sentence?

Friday, December 2, 2016



Thursday, December 1, 2016

From central ideas to claims

H/W - Turn your claim in for a GRADE for tomorrow's class.

Use this link to write your claims: 

Steps on writing a sophisticated claim

Parallel Structure Test will be next Tuesday. Below are some optional links for your to practice the types of questions asked in the test. We will also spend some time in Monday's class working on these links. 

Important: There will be a few questions on the test on subjects and predicates and opening and delayed adjectives.
If you know the difference between a simple, complete, compound and complete compound subjects, you will be fine. Do you know the different types of predicates?
Can you spot an opening or delayed adjective in a sentence?

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Charting Notes

H/W -   Decide what you need to do as a team yourselves in order to keep pace with your research. Most teams should have at least one complete column of notes on the charting sheet and all the research questions decided

Today's Recap - Charting

By tomorrow - You should have your 'charting' research questions and all your boxes all most completely full. Tomorrow's class - you will write your first 'quote sandwich using your research'

Grammar Recap

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Research Based Argument

Each day I will share with you a finished essay from last year, so you can see where you are headed.

H/W - As a team - you should have x4 sets of Cornell notes for Wednesday's class.

Reading Assessment RETAKE - Use this link to the graphic organizers. You only need to retake the skill you need to work on. You may use any source that you are already using for your research. 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Cornell Notes

H/W - Finish your Cornell notes for your first source - You should write the brief summary section. You will be graded on completion of this task (Due:TUE)

Recap - Today we learned to use the Cornell Notes approach to research

Today we looked at writing sour research using parallel structure

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

End of Unit: Summative

Use these resources for your Reading Pre-Assesment

Task 2: Response to Listening to Music while Studying” (Video

Coming after the holiday.... You will select one of these topics to write a 'Research-Based Argument'
Feel free to investigate some of the links in the meantime (optional)

Optional H/W: Thanksgiving Toast

Use your public speaking skills to deliver a Thanksgiving Toast to your family. Take the time to address each member of your family and tell them why that person is so special to you.  This would truly put a smile on your family members' faces. Take care!

Image result for thanksgiving family meal

 Enjoying Life  - Sometimes you got a just have a good giggle...
 What would you do it you discovered your parents had eaten all your Halloween candy?

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Reading Nonfiction: Practice Exercises

Today's Lesson

Use this link for your Station 1 activity: Cyberbullying
Use this link for your Station 2 activity: Commercial

Monday, November 21, 2016

NF Reading #3 - What does the text mean?

Lesson Recap

Today we READ images for main idea, craft moves, and meaning.

Use this link to investigate your own image: What does the text mean?
H/W - Make sure you have finished your SeeSaw post from class today. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WRITE. JUST SPEAK YOUR THOUGHTS INTO SEESAW!

Friday, November 18, 2016

WARNING: No resubmitted work from Sept, Oct, Nov will be accepted for a grade after Dec 3rd. This means that if you want to try and improve any grades before report cards - You need to do so soon!
The $2 Challenge - What stance will you argue?
Image result
How many points will you score within the word length? : Sheet from today's class
Lesson Recap

1 Correctly cite your evidence

3) Supporting your claim with 'out of the book' thinking


You must turn in your paper printed Monday without your name on it. A responsibility grade will be given for this.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Examining Points of View and NF Writing Craft

Email home: G/H class - Still missing emails from these students:
Ritvik, Suyash, Abby, Alya, Aamir, Emily.  - Please forward to me by the weekend!

Lesson Recap: We learned a great deal today about how to examine different points of view. We also learned a wide variety of different persuasive craft moves. These techniques combined help us to judge the 'effectiveness of a piece of text. HINT HINT ! - You will need these for tomorrow's lesson!

Which techniques were new for you?

H/W - A comment on something you learned in class today would be appreciated!


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