Friday, January 30, 2015

Transmediation: Artwork

Recap: We used artwork  to help better interpret the big ideas in our stories. 

Weekly Membean STARS! - So many people went 'above and beyond' in the MEMBEAN work this week.

Enjoy Benjamin's VERY impressive discussion of his story 'Trapped'

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Abstract Writing

Rubric from today,

Read Ken's outstanding piece. Notice how many different 'categories' he uses to interpret his idea

Drop a screen shot of your writing inside your class link. Make sure you name is on your slide
E/F Class
G/H Class

Compound Sentences Review

Finish these exercises by Friday (screen shot as evidence)


Book club and Membean check in for Friday. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Book Clubs


Today you were assessed on your preparation for book clubs and the quality of your contributions. If your conversation was successful, the ideas you brought to the discussion were enhanced through the discussion.  Which phrases did you use?

Be ready to participate in your next book club discussion for Friday. WARNING - Are you collecting your thinking about reading in some way?

Tomorrow, you will turn in your abstract writing piece after 30mins of class time to write.

What's your progress on Membean this week so far?

Shout Out! Dhruv - Read how well he presented his claim in the opening couple of paragraphs to his RR.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Interpretation through Association


Today we learned how to take our 'interpretation' to the next level by using 'association' to stimulate our thinking.

  • Membean expectation for the week is 50mins (By FRIDAY)
  • New H/W - You must take a photo of a pivotal moment (Notice and note) from anything in your book club. (You will need this photo tomorrow - WED)  - ALL CLASSES!!!

You all worked well in class today, so I am postponing the writing H/W I have set for this week. Instead, you will be given 30 minutes in Thursday's writing class to turn in EITHER your interpretation of a social issue OR your writing about 'The Bad Sister.' As one of these pieces will be a 'summative writing grade' - I want to give you more quality time to do your best. 

So... use tonight to get  - a good photo - catch up with Membean - read your bookclub book up to date

Monday, January 26, 2015

Social Issues


Today we discussed 'social issues' and used photographic techniques to capture and write about the essence of these issues. Transmediation Reading Response

By Wednesday, finish your writing about a 'social issue' - You will be given a grade that assesses the quality of your thinking on this piece

A-Your image/writing shows abstract thought of a more complex social issue. Detailed explanation of  the social issues and examples and interpretation are included

B- Your image/writing shows abstract thought of a social issue. Examples and interpretation is included

C- Your image/writing shows literal thought about a  social issues. e.g. This is a picture of a person sitting by themselves. This person is isolated. A lot of people in society are isolated.  Examples and interpretation lack depth.

D- You did not write about a social issue

Approx length 140-180 words


By Friday - complete 50mins of Membean (Anything over 55mins minutes will be above expectations)

Reading Responses: Straight 'A's
Read these as mentor texts Beatrice Olivia (for notice and note/Breaking the author's code) Regina (Really clever delivery!) Elizabeth (structure and evidence)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Reading Responses H/W

Turn in your RR link (video or text) into the doc on the right side of the blog (C.D. Class Reading Responses 14.15 & E/F Class Reading Responses 14.15) before class on Monday.

Make sure your link is SHARED - so i can VIEW and COMMENT. Private docs. will automatically graded at F and you will have to wait longer before I go around a second time (3-5 days) to look at your work! (I can't waste time checking back again and again until I can access files!)

Root of the Week: Chron = Time

Friday, January 23, 2015


Recap, photography techniques you learned today.

See these example of students  use images to inspire thinking and go deeper. 

No EXTENSIONS: All Reading Responses due Monday. G.H. class - You will turn your work in to Ms. Beltnick

Reading Response outline Help (Use this if you need help with your structure or help with drafting a claim)

Membean Top Stats. for the Week (This is why 'A' = Above expectations)

Remember: Red dots mean that practice is 'suboptimal' - Too fast - less accuracy etc.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Reading Response

Extension: You should finish your RR for Monday. Spent tonight working on your ideas and/or outline. (30mins!)
Tomorrow, you will need a camera for class (Your phone will be perfect)

The suggestions below might help you with your structure for your RR

Planning Grid

The one on the left is provided by Vadim Thanks Vadim!

Other examples of RR

Tomorrow: Membean test for E/F and C/D classes - Can you remember the two roots we have covered an two examples of each root?

Simple Sample H/W - Your  grades for this work are in Powerschool. Many students scored 'Cs' because your use of the simple sentences did not 'add' anything to the piece. Look at Sajid's example and how he comes in with the short, choppy sentences at the end to create a powerful effect.  Can you use this technique next time with your piece?


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Reading Responses

H/W - Spend tonight preparing for your RR. You should be reading and/or doing notices and notes about your book. You will have tomorrow's class to work on your RR. It can be written or it can be a video response like the one below. (30mins)

Grammar Homework: Drop a screen shot of your grammar H/W inside this folder. You will be graded on this work!

C/D Class
E/F Class
G/H Class

Use these samples as examples of 'A' Reading Responses

Monday, January 19, 2015

Notice and Note: Memory Moments

Recap and H/W

C/D class  only - Finish your short piece of writing that uses 'simple sentences'  - You should have written between 100-150 words. Highlight your simple sentences. Can you spot them in your paragraph and distinguish between tools and simple sentences?  DUE WED!

E/F  (Due  Wed)  
G/H classes (Wed)

Example from Victoria

Bonus Presentation
Some of you got the opportunity today to hear the 8th grade visiting author, Susan Campbell Bartoletti speak. Please write a comment on the blog stating what your biggest take-away was from today's talk.

H/W -  C/D & E/F
30 minutes of Membean by Friday (50 mins for the week) - You will get a grade this week on your practice.

In Wednesday's class - you will write your first reading response.  Make sure you have been recording your thinking. - You do not have to write about the entire book, just any aspect of the book that you think is signficant. Look at the Reading Response links on the right of the blog to see a typical RR from last year. - Make sure you are ready.- This will be your first summative for the second semester.

Notice and Note: Memory Moments

Root of the Week (E/F class - You will do this Wed)

Make sure you have a copy of this unit.
Sentence Fluency: Grammar Unit

C/D class  only - Finish your short piece of writing that uses 'simple sentences'  - You should have written between 100-150 words. Highlight your simple sentences. Can you spot them in your paragraph and distinguish between tools and simple sentences?  DUE WED!  Class E/F (Your writing is due Thursday)

Lesson Recap

H/W -
30 minutes of Membean by Friday (50 mins for the week) - You will get a grade this week on your practice.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Words of the Wiser

Looking for a GREAT resource for your next book: Mrs ReaderPants

Lesson Recap

You will practice today in small groups

Group 1 Thank you  M'am (last 5 paragraphs)

Group 2 Black Boy Text

Group 3 Riding Freedom

Challenge - Only if you have read the book beforehand
Group 4  Tuck Everlasting p.62-64

Next week, you will do a 'summative reading response' - You must have a system to record your thinking

Membean trained minutes this week (Congratulations Ryan and Vadim for being the most studious Membeaners for the week!) - I will not take grades this week as I know many of you have had problems with the software. Going forward, you need to make sure you get your computers updated. Grades will be taken next week!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tough Questions

Recap:  Tough Questions help us spot the 'internal conflict'  : Half and Half (Read to the ***) section

H/W - Make sure you have finished your Membean practice for this week
READ! - 30 minutes perday (Make sure you are recording your thinking in some way ready for a reading response next week)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Notice and Note: A Ha Moments

Notice and Note

Use this link to study your Root of the Week

1) Listen to the podcast
2) Write down the meaning of the root
3) Write three examples of the root used in other words (copy them from the page)

You should have completed 30mins of Membean practice at home by the beginning of Friday's class (45mins for the week)

Notice and Note: Recap

H/W - READ - You will be assessed at the end of the week on how much time you spent reading. You should average approx. 30 pages per day.

REMEMBER - As you read - always be ready to 'Notice and Note'

Genius Hour pilot students - You received an important email - Please read and complete the task ASAP

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Notice and Note: Contrasts and Contradictions

Today's Session
Make copies of these files and save them into your RLA master file
Thinking About Reading
Notice and Note: Building Reading Skills

Lesson Recap

Finish your first write up about The Giver - Ch.1 in your 'Thinking About Reading File' - Due Thur
You should be writing about how the contrasts and contradictions you have found give you a greater insight into the character/themes of the story

Make sure your GOODREADS account is up on your blog and ready for inspection tomorrow!(Wed)

The 30 Day Challenge - Can you come up with an idea by Thursday that you will stick to?
Day 1 = Thursday (I am going to do yoga for 15mins a day and take a photo of each day of my practice)

Monday, January 12, 2015

H/W - By Wednesday...

Goodreads account set up
Link to Set Up
Good Reads Explanation

Watch this video to make sure you 'add a shelf'

Your goodreads accounts should all be set up and good to go by Wednesday's class!


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Rise and SHINE

RISE and SHINE....

Hope you all had a nice break.

We hit the ground running with new units when we return. Make copies of these files and place them into your shortcuts. Remove all 'old' shortcuts.


Notice and Note: Building Reading Skills
Transmediation: Writing about Reading
Sentence Fluency: Grammar Unit

Well done to those students who did a little Membean practice over the break. 

1) The expectation is that you will complete at least 30minutes of Membean practice between Monday and Friday

2) MEMBEAN: ROOT WORD OF THE WEEK #1 (Listen to the podcast on the link)

Each week you will need to learn a Membean root word in addition to your Membean study periods.  These roots will appear on Membean tests going forward!

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