Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Write a rough copy of your non-fiction speech. You will practice in class tomorrow. How can you be engaging?

Comma Test is tomorrow

Enjoy Miguel and Kayzad's paperslide video

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Which topics do you need to review for tomorrow's mid year math assessment? - Look at an earlier post for the list of topics. Today's math test finally showed very strong proof reading and computation - Can you do it again tomorrow?

You should complete your writing assignment tonight. Tomorrow,  you will have class time to upload your work to pages and correct and grammar errors

Make sure you read over the 'non-ficiton' speech instructions  so that you can begin thinking about how you will prepare for Friday.

Paperslide videos: You must watch these videos as preparation  for the commas test

Enjoy Reid's basketball triumph again below


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Last Week of the Calendar Year

You should all be able to discuss your stance and tell me the categories that you are using for your notes. (Based on the feedback from the lesson, many people were not doing this) I will be meeting with you all on Monday about your categories. Make sure you have SOME!

Next week is a 'big' week. Be ready to work hard! Below are guidelines for your non-fiction talk. Some people will  present Thur and some Fri.

Don't forget to do the comma online practice

Don't forget to being in products for Wednesday Science lesson

Mid year assessment takes place on Wed. and Thur. We have covered a lot in Math this year:

  • prime factorization 
  • angles 
  • prime and composite numbers 
  • squares and square  roots
  • divisibility rules
  • fraction, decimals, percent equivalents
  • mean, medium, mode, range
  • mixed numbers and improper fractions
  • stem and leaf 

We are not allowed to review any of these topics in class. Which topics do you think you should be reviewing on IXL  this week?

Student of the Week

Thursday, December 13, 2012

PaperSlide Videos

Study link 6.9
A strong idea for your paper-slide video
Work on your non-fiction writing topic
Make sure you follow the steps below. You will need a 'good' idea for your COMMAS Rules paper slide video

Will yours be better than this?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Commas, Fragments, and Run-ons - Test Practice

Think of  a topic for your final non-ficiton writing assignment. This piece will be a mixture of a topic you know well, but it can also be a topic you can do some research on. Bring your idea to class

Study link 6.7

Spend 15 minutes each night for the next week working on these exercises.  Watch the videos first.
Comma Rules: Test Prep - Read through the information on this link and begin working through the links below. You do not have to do them all, but you should spent time looking at a number of the exercises and the videos. WINK WINK - Some of the exercises below are on the test!

COMMAS and Run-on Sentences
Use these videos and the links to the websites below to help you practice  the different 'uses of commas- rules''. To be successful in the test, you need PRACTICE. These online exercises are the best way to gain a lot of very quick pracitce as many of your test questions are asked in the same way as these online exercises. Spend 15 mins each night working through all of the exercises on here between now and next Tue.


Introductory Phrases and non-essential clauses


(click where you think the error is on the underlined words or click 'no error')
Comma Splice
do exercise 2 also
Exercise 1+2 only (exercise 3 only for experts!)

Only for experts...
(Hard but fun to do!)

Fragments and Run-ons Explanation


REMEMBER...From now on ... Only ever write a comma if you know why you are writing the comma.

Monday, December 10, 2012

  • Study link 6.6
Non-ficiton writing: Final Stages
  • Type up all your notes. Tomorrow, we will insert images and add text to the pages doc. Most of the 'writing' of the article should be finished tonight. You will have 1 hr in class tomorrow to do the finishing touches and add your joint text to 'pages'
  • Your paired non-fiction writing should be handed in by on Wednesday morning. You will be able to print in school if needed

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Final Countdown

Hope you all worked well and made lots of progress on your writing.

Below, I have put the last two weeks at a glance, so you are all aware what is coming. Some of the key areas to be thinking about:

Week 6
Week 7

Bring in empty food packages for next Wed

  • Paired Non-fiction writing (Next Week)
  • Unit 6 Math Test (In two weeks)
  • Research based individual non-fiction article (in two weeks)
  • Investigation 4 - Science Assessment (two weeks)
  • Comma Rules test (in two weeks)
  • Mid year Math Test (in two weeks)

FINISH THE YEAR STRONG - What could you gain with another 10% effort?

Student of the Week: Beatrice

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Field Trip


Study link 6.5

Write 6 sentences for your non-fiction topic using advanced sentence fluency. (WRITE IN LIST FORMAT). You might want  to start a google doc. with you and your partner as these sentences can be later integrated into your finished article. - Can you write sentences that mix facts and interpretation of facts? At least 2 sentences must contain a conjunctive adverb.

Ashlin + Lauren

Science Center  Field Trip on Wednesday
Please remember to bring in enough food and drinks for  your snack and lunch.You may bring cameras etc. (at your own risk). You will not be able to buy lunch, but you can up to $10 to spend in the souvenir shop. (max. $2 on candy!). Wear school uniform.

They were multiple messages today through the presentations we heard. What did  you take away from the presentations?

Monday, December 3, 2012

Do these  online exercises. - Because this is late posted, if you do not do it, then you are

Conjunctive adverb practice

Study link 6.4

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