Thursday, October 27, 2016

Suspense Writing

H/W - ALL CLASSES: You should have a COMPLETED FINAL draft of your suspense writing for tomorrow's class  PRINTED - You will not be able to print in class.  DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO PRINT YOUR PIECE - You will receive an organization grade for this.  This is your 'speaking' summative - BE PREPARED!

Tips for preparation

After the readings, each class will vote on 5 categories for certificates. Which do you think you will win? Remember - two stories will be presented to Peer Council for the Pizza Competition! Will YOURS be nominated?






Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Opening Adjectives

H/W - ALL CLASSES: You should have a COMPLETED first draft of your suspense writing for tomorrow's class  PRINTED - You will not be able to print in class.  DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO PRINT YOUR PIECE - You will receive an organization grade for this. EVEN IF YOU HAVE NOT FINISHED - PRINT WHAT YOU HAVE !!!!!!
(We will be annotating your text tomorrow. WE NEED IT PRINTED!

Today, we covered 'opening adjectives' - see below

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

H/W - ALL CLASSES - Make sure you come ready with your ideas to write your story. You should have a SOLID plan on what you are going to write about and just be ready to sit down and start writing.  (for Wed.)

Your Test link

We were introduced to the concept of 'delayed adjectives today. Make sure you try to use these in your writing going forward!

Your Test link

We were introduced to the concept of 'delayed adjectives today. Make sure you try to use these in your writing going forward!

Interstate 95 seemed to go on forever. The mountains on either side held the road in place. As the rain bombarded our Toyota, the noise inside became heavier and heavier. Headlights ahead of us seemed to be coming in our direction. Silence filled the air. I froze

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Next Week

Image result for scary setting
  • H/W - Bring an image of a setting that you could use for your suspense story. (You just need to have selected an image online and have it ready to show - no need to print it for Tuesday class e.g.
  • I will  not be in class for C/D and E/F block on Monday. both classes must finish your book first book club quote sandwich and submit it via Seesaw.
  • This is a Membean week. Your goal for the week Fri-Fri should be 30mins (40mins for exemplary)
  • Subjects and Predicates Test - Tuesday - This is a multiple choice test that just tests your ability to identify and name the x4 types of subjects and x4 types of predicates. These are sample questions. IF - you want to do more practice on subjects and predicates - see these links below. 
  • Please return any classroom books that you might have finished with. I am giving you until Tuesday to return your book club book

Optional Practice

Friday, October 21, 2016

suspense Writing - Introduction

Make a copy of this file: Suspense Writing - Digital Notebook

OPTIONAL - If you are so proud of your first quote sandwich, you can submit it to the Quill to be PUBLISHED in the MS magazine. MS Writing Submission Link

C/D and G/H - You will work on your quote sandwich on Monday -  You MUST finish  reading your book club book by TUESDAY at the lastest   You will write your quote sandwich in class on Monday after one final book club conversation.

E/F - Make sure you have turned your final 'quote sandwich' into Seesaw - You must return the book club FINISHED by Tuesday at the lastest.

Suspense Writing

Beginning NEXT Thursday - Movie Monologue  Presentations (Sign Up on the calendar below - Length 1-2mins max.) You will be graded on the 'PIPES public speaking rubric' we covered today (C/D and G/H) -  E/F -You will see this rubric on Monday.

The Friday Message

Be inspired and inspire all those around you. Sign up for your motivational speech from Thur 27th Oct to Wed 23rd Nov (Max. x2 people per day per class) Use the 'Book Talk' sign up calendar to sign up.
See some great moments from movies below as examples

You will be graded on the PIPES rubric for this work

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Quote Sandwich Review

H/W - Your first 'book club book should be finished by next Monday.
-Make sure you have finished your 3 or 4 subject and predicate sentences by tomorrow.

Lesson Recap

Can you spot the difference between these two quotes sandwiches?

This is the rubric you will use for your final quote sandwich

C/D and G/H Class - You will write your final piece on Monday
E/F Class - You will write your final piece on Friday

Movie Monologue's - Starting NEXT WEDNESDAY

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Techniques for Interpretation

H/W Make sure you are prepared for your book club discussion. Tomorrow you will write a 'quote sandwich'  on evidence found in your book club. Make sure  you come prepared with a key piece of evidence to discuss.

Lesson Recap

We learned some sophisticated techniques to go deeper into our interpretation.


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Book Clubs - An Introductuion

H/W - Make sure you are prepared for your book club discussion tomorrow with notes and discussion topics. You will receive a grade on how prepared you are.

Lesson Recap

We covered Book Club Discussion Protocols and Rubrics for Preparation
Tomorrow - you will be assessed on your preparation

You may choose to discss one of these topics below in your book club tomorrow

AFTER YOU COMPLETED THE  NoRedInk diagnostic - Use these resources to practice for the test  NEXT TUESDAY.  Spend between 5-10mins reviewing each link over the next 7 days. Make notes of any questions you don't understand or ones you can't get correct. You do not have to do all of them - Just choose some to practice.

The secret word is PEANUT BUTTER


Use arrow keys and space bar to catch fish


Subjects and Predicates Online questions and games

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Welcome Back

H/W - All Classes

  • Complete by FRIDAY - Subjects and Predicates - Formative - NoRedInk (log into your account)There is a test waiting for you in NoRedInk. This is just a check to see what you already know. Must be completed by Fri 21st Oct.
  • Make sure you read your book club book up to the agreed upon page by tomorrow (Tue)

Book Talks Sign Ups - Going forward use this link to sign up to deliver your BOOK TALKS
You will be able to find this link on the 'right side of the blog'

Max. 2 students per class to sign up (Please write the title of your book in the 'Tue' column.) This way we can avoid people repeating the same titles.

Lesson recap

We learned to identify the different types of predicates today.

We also learned about the WARRANTS and QUOTE SANDWICHES

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Student Led Conferences

Image result for student led conferences

You will be expected to do the majority of the talking in the Student Led Conferences. Hence the term, 'Student Led.'

Make sure you can talk succinctly (brief and to the point) about your  'strengths' and opportunities for growth. Make sure you have practiced talking about the slides in your slide show.

1) Returning classroom books 
at SLC conferences that you have at home or in your locker that you have finished with. (Max. 3 plus points)
2) Starting and finishing books over the break (Max. 3 plus points e.g. - You get a plus point for every book you read over the break -started new - three books max.)
Image result for return books
Have a great break!

When we return:
Going Deeper into Reading using Interpretation Techniques
Book Clubs
Suspense Stories
Speaking in Public (see below)

Subjects and Predicates
Opening and Delayed adjectives and adverbs

Monday, October 3, 2016


H/W - All classes - You should have the majority of your slide show finished for tomorrow.  (6+ slides) We will be doing practice conferences in class.  Make sure your slides are not covered with writing, but instead, you use the slides as 'talking points' inspired by images.


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