Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Identity Project:

You should have almost completed 75% of your 1st draft by Thur.

Checklist: Can you name the structural and transitional moves you made? Are you using stronger or weaker structural moves?

A piece from last year to look at:
Essay: Who Am I?

Notice how Meagan does a really nice job of 'showing' a scene - not TELLING. Look at the specific word choice that creates imagery.

It was around 4:30 in the afternoon. on September 22nd The day before my mom's birthday, and I didn’t have a gift for her. She wasn't home, so I went into her closest and reached up to the birthday supplies. I grabbed the dark and light purple tissue paper and closed the green box. Needing scissors and pipe cleaners, I went to the art supply closet right next to the front door and got the scissors and pipe cleaners. I went into my room and got to work. I got the scissors and the tissue paper and cut the purples into squares, all of equal sizes. folded the paper in half, unfolded it and did an accordion fold. When I finished the folding, I wrapped the middle of the paper with the pipe cleaner and opened the paper. I started to lift up the paper layer by layer. When I finished with all six layers I started to fluff up the paper and it started to look more like a rose. When my mom’s birthday came the next day I gave her my little roses.

Other Examples

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Identity Project

It is time to start putting your piece together.

Can you divide your piece into SCENES?
Are you using a variety of different structural moves to build your scenes?
Are you using various transition techniques to go between scenes?
Are you using imagery in your piece or other craft moves?


Possible Structure Moves

H/W - You should have at least 50% of the scenes written for tomorrow's class.
We will do intro and conclusion Thursday.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Claims and Outlining

Root of the Week - Mal

H/W - You should have your claim and outline ready for Tuesday.Part V of outline

Optional: Some of you may have even started organizing your scenes.
Identity Unit: Outline

How good is your claim?

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Identity Project - Claims - Drop your claims in here once they are completed. Highlight the KEY ideas in your claim that you will develop in your piece. (see example)

Optional - Watch this video as a very strong example from last year.


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Identity Project - Summative Assessment

Planning template: 
You need your CLAIM for Monday - You are welcome to start thinking out your outline if you choose.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Online Identity

My Online Identity

Can you maintain a growth mindset across all your work?


  • Copy the link to your 'Unseen Influences' (Where I'm From poem) here under your name. Where I'm From -Link
  • Spend 15-20mins working on your 'online identity' artwork. e.g.

All Classes
Compulsory H/W Read Michelle's VERY powerful piece.  Write a comment about a line or phrase that stood out to you.

Maybe the question is not who we are, but who we are meant to be.

          I stared all the blank screen, my mind silenced as if there was a wad of cotton stuck there. It muted everything, the bright lights of the classroom, the already almost-inaudible whisper of my classmates, even my own thoughts seemed far away, as if I was suddenly trapped in a imperceptible, yet indestructible glass box.

          Unfortunately, it was also not helping me get my work done. My eyes bore into the page, but I couldn’t stay that way for long - my vision became unfocused, like a camera zooming in for the perfect shot.

          NO IDEAS.

          NO IDEAS.

          NO IDEAS.

          I kept gawking at the screen, but my mind had travelled far already, three years, to be exact. My eyes stayed on the blank page, but if anyone had asked, I was seeing China, I was in China, in 2012, meeting the gaze of an unknown stranger on the street. I already knew what was going to happen, but I could tear my eyes away, couldn’t not see what was about to occur. Two words replayed themselves, writing themselves all over my mind, like a blackboard overcrowded with the same two words over and over again. They burnt themselves into my skin, etched themselves into my heart.

          混血儿. Mixed blood.

          It wasn’t even the words. It was the way she spat them at me, like something poisonous she wanted to get off her tongue before it infected her. Like I was something poisonous that would infect her.

          Yes, I was definitely mixed, my eyes, my nose, my mouth, all not quite Asian, but not quite European either.

          Sometimes, the Chinese part of me shows. The part that likes to have steaming hot dumplings on a cold winter’s day, the steam a white mist billowing out, a heavenly scent enveloping me like a warm blanket. The part that focuses on studying, furiously scribbling away at math homework, determined to understand. The part that speaks chinese in China, and ignores it when people stare at me strangely. After all, I don’t look Chinese.

          Sometimes, the European part of me shows. The part that loves to eat lasagne so hot it burns my mouth, and top it off with a creamy panna cotta that melts on the tip of my tongue, all the while watching a rich summer sunset from my porch, the kind that has so many colors that it’s almost too bright to look at - the crimsons, scarlets, tangerines, lavenders, violets, and golds blending to make a strange new color, maybe one with an exotic name like rêve, or speranza, or merveille, or maybe langueur. The part that isn’t afraid to be different, to wear strange mismatched socks or a sweater in summer. The part that can’t speak German, and ignores it when people stare at me strangely - like I’m an outsider. After all, I don’t look Swiss.

         Sometimes, the American part of me shows. The part that craves sizzling bacon from right off the pan, and a sunny-side-up egg as well, with a extra large Sprite and a cookie to wash it all down in the busy mornings when I rush to get ready for school, and sprinting for the bus when I’m late, backpack thumping against my back. The part that covets music, and always has her earphones with her, be it in her pocket or in her backpack, ever ready to pull them out in times of need. The part that people ask where she is from, and she isn’t sure whether to say American, Chinese, or European.

         After all, I don’t look like any of them.

        But sometimes, things aren’t what they seem, like a slightly bruised apple - the inside is just as whole as a unmarked one.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Can I Change?

Lesson Recap:

Are you doing 5-10mins of Membean two - three nights per week?

Reminder: At least 3 verses of your poem needed for Tuesday. 

Really worth watching!!!

Coming in tomorrow's lesson

For Wednesday: Set your 'Can I Change' in motion  (Bring a printed copy of your share with your goal listed.)

Enjoy Mark's beautiful piece of imagery writing. How does yours compare?

Flying over the sea on my way back home I look out the window and look at the clouds and their shapes. I look down to see the dark blue sea as it brings back memories of the salty smell and the crash of the waves rolling in Hawaii. The thought drifts me into thinking about my life and how my life is like a surfer, always picking a different wave. However I always find myself going home, but what I am looking for is not really there. Like when I traveled back to where once was home and expect everything to feel the same. But all my new experiences changed my interests and my opinions about different things. What used to be *Cool* was now just another building in the city. Sometimes my life still can feel like a lost toy under a bed and other times it can be like a fish out of water running out of hope. Particularly when we moved and I had to give up all my friends for a new experience.  I didn’t know what that experience would be like.   Depressing?  Miserable? Saddened?

But that never stopped me because I know on the inside everyone is like a handmade clay pot all attempted to be a vase but unique in their own special way. I am the only me and my layers add up. My shell might be different but my yoke is still the same.  In truth I have learned my home is the sky traveling from place to place. All the countries I have been to and all the places I want to go.  The fish out of water can have help to go back in. For Example my troubles in school or friends that move away while I am still here. I can make new ones and I can get help. My lost life can always be found. Time will show how the layers won’t be the same. But they will still line up to show layer after layer you’re not common you have, different moods and actions. Everyone has their own dents in the clay but everyone will find their sparkle along the way.  I will always remember the time back in first grade when I learned how to swim and tried to be great. When I was about to give up I pulled what was left in me to make it great, and this will stick with me for the rest of my life because it's my talent and even if it's just a hobby It's still meaningful to me. When tasks get difficult like I have never seen, I know I will solve them in the same way.  Even in the future I will make it through. Traveling is normal. Staying in one place is for long is unusual to me. One day however, I will find a place to be and stay, a place I can call home.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Membean - Trained Minutes

How does your Membean practice time compare with your classmates?  What goals could you set for yourself?

Friday, September 18, 2015

Where I'm From

brainstorming chart.

All Classes
You need 3 verses of your poem by next Tue

C/D and E/F classes
WARNING - There are still quite a few people that didnot turn in their imagery writing.
You will get a writing craft grade for your use of 'imagery' Copy/paste your paragraphs here

Thursday, September 17, 2015


Summative Test: Parts of Speech

H/W - C/D and E/F class
Turn in your piece of writing for tomorrow. Spend 15-20mins on it. (if you have two good scenes that contain 'imagery' that is enough. The piece does not have to be completed thoroughly.)  You will get a writing craft grade for your use of 'imagery' Copy/paste your paragraphs here

Level 3 - Using imagery

Level 4 - Using imagery in context

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I am a TCK

For my HB - Win +2 if you can share your biggest take-away from today's chat in HB

Root of the Week: Mort - Death


Parts of Speech - Pretest

Today's Mentor Text - The return

Slideshow - Make a copy of this slide. When you finish inserting your images, screenshot your slide and put it into your digital notebook

H/W - You must have your images collected for tomorrow's session. We will do the writing in tomorrow's class.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Identity Summative 1 - Who Am I?

What structural moves will you use in your piece?

The difference between craft and structure

Assessment Rubric for this piece is on left side of blog - Identity Unit. You are only graded on Meaning (Your ideas) and Structure (How you organzie your piece)

How good is your claim?

This Week
Membean test Fri
Parts of Speech test Thur

Saturday, September 12, 2015

CWW - Article

The editors of SAS Crossroads Magazine are looking for a couple of 7th graders to write an article on their experience at CWW. If you would like to have your writing published in the SAS magazine, drop me an email and begin your piece. Deadline is Sept 17th. Any person who volunteers will get  class time to work on their piece. The piece just needs to be a reflection stating what you have taken away from the experience, possibly with some anecdotes. Any volunteers?

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Identity Unit - Claims and Evidence

Lesson Recap

How strong is your claim about: What you have learned about yourself so far?

Win+1 if you add your claim to 'comments'

On Monday, you will write your first piece on your identity unit. This is your rubric. Optional:You may work on this on the w/end if you choose to do so.  G/H class - you may want to spend time thinking about your claim and evidence

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Core Values: Things I Won't Let Slide

G/H Class - YOU DO NOT NEED TO READ TODAY'S BLOGPOST. Make sure you are practicing your Parts of Speech, spending at least 5mins on your Membean and doing 20-30mins of independent reading. Keep your reading log up to date! I am no longer chasing G/H students for your monthly message. If you have a zero in PowerSchool for this, you know what to do!

Optional: Enjoy Varun's excellent MM poem

Make a copy of this file: Core Values
(Put it in your mini lesson 3 class notes)
Lesson Recap

What I Won't Let Slide...

  • Talk about 3 or 4 of your top core values.
  • Talk about 1 or 2 values that you would like to improve
  • Minimum x4 core values - Max x6 core values

For each core value you might decide to talk about a combination of:
  • Use a quote associated with the core value
  • Define the core value
  • Give one or two reasons why this value is important to you
  • Talk about situations where you have seen this core value happening in your life
  • Talk about what would happen if everybody did or didn't follow this core value
  • Talk about the 'dots' in your life and your world. How will you stop being influenced by them.
  • You own ideas
H/W C/D and E/F
  • Read and keep your reading log up to date.
  • Practice your 'parts of speech'

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tuesday's Lesson and Resubmitting Work

Tuesday's Lesson
 1) Recite the roots of the week with the actions
 2) 10mins of Membean
 3) Lesson 2 - What do I value (see below) - Do your writing in your digital notebook under mini- lesson 2

4) 20 mins of silent reading with reading partners.


Resubmitting Assignments, Missed Work or Late Work

I have added a file to the right side of the blog for resubmitting assignments. 

If you do not turn your work in on time or wish to resubmit for a higher grade, you must put the link to your resubmitted work in this file if you want to get your work regraded. If you are absent from school, any missed work should be resubmitted here. Work that is not turned in on time, automatically receives a failing grade until it is resubmitted. To get this grade changes, it is your responsibility then to get the work to me. I will NOT chase you up for work. If you have a '0' in powerschool for any reason, it will only be changed when you put the link (shared with me) in the resubmitted work place. DO NOT SEND ME AN EMAIL with your work in it. I get more than 50 emails a day that need my attention.  Your work might get lost. Once your work is in the Resubmitted Work File, it will be graded within 7 days. 

e.g. Links that might need putting in R.W.F.  now?

  • G/H class - All the people that did not hand in their monthly message by class today (Tue)
  • All classes - people that did not turn in their first 'claim' from two weeks ago.
  • People that did not complete the summative 'Claims and Evidence' test or wish to redo the summative test
Ask any questions you have about this under comments
Enjoy Ramu's exemplary piece that provides multiple pieces of evidence from his OWN work. He is not just regurgitating what was taught in class.

Monday, September 7, 2015

My Name

The secret word is: tomato ketchup! 
H/W is at the end of this post. Make sure you read it!

Today's lesson Notes

Important H/W: Due Tuesday

  • Bring in two items that you value for tomorrow’s class. Be sure to ask your parents for permission! (If you can't bring an item, bring a photo of the item)
  • Go to this website to see examples:

Remember - You have until WEDNESDAY (I have given you one extra day!) to share your monthly message with you parent(s). Don't forget to add the photo as evidence in the file here. Insert the photo into this file. People who created slideshows, make sure you EXPLAIN the slideshow and not just give them the slideshow. 

Optional: Parts of Speech Studying - Your summative on this will be on 2-3 weeks. Study these exercises at your leisure.

Making progress:

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Identity Unit

Make a copy of this digital notebook: Identity Unit
Make a copy of our first grammar unit: Parts of Speech

Read this if you are struggling for something to write about Example - My Name - 

Be prepared to come to class on Monday ready to talk about any stories behind you name/family name/nickname.

  • How did your parents choose it?
  • Does it have any other meanings?
  • Has it created issues or problems for you?
  • What do you like or dislike about your name
Remember - You have until Tuesday to share your monthly message with you parent(s). Don't forget to add the photo as evidence in the file here. Insert the photo into this file. People who created slideshows, make sure you EXPLAIN the slideshow and not just give them the slideshow. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sharing the Monthly Messsage

Share your monthly message with your parent(s). You have until Tuesday 8th Sept to do so. Take a photo of you sharing the message. Insert the photo into this file. People who created slideshows, make sure you EXPLAIN the slideshow and not just give them the slideshow.

Have a great CWW. I will!
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