Thursday, December 21, 2017

Enjoying the Winning Conclusions

Sam - C/D Champion
Clearly, social media has had a major impact in our world today. However, it has more likely been a negative impact, which is why parents need to monitor their teens’ use of social media. Social media can and will affect teens’ self-esteem, helping confusing thoughts and behaviours thrive, (Mysko, 2015). Moreover, social media has impacted 30% of teenagers’ life, because some colleges look at the applicants’ social media, (VanderMeulen, 2014). Furthermore, getting accepted to college might affect their career, which could entirely impact their future. The next time you notice that your friend or family member is using social media too much and getting obsessed, maybe you can speak out. Say something to make them look up and notice how much beauty there actually is in the world. Talk to them, make eye contact. If this excessive use of social media doesn’t stop, we will never be able to logout of Facebook, and login to the real world. But if it does stop, maybe one day teens will be able to see each other through the lens of their own eyes, not the lens of the camera. Isn’t it ironic how these touch-screens can make us lose touch? Today, there is iPhone, iPad, iMac, iMessage, iPod. There are so many ‘i’s’ and not enough ‘us’s’ or ‘we’s’. We’ve become so absorbed in this technology that we have forgotten to look up from our screens. This media we call ‘social’ is a world where clicks form friends, voices are read, laughter is not heard, and eye contact is not possible. Being successful on Instagram is like being rich in monopoly- it’s delusional, it’s not real. So now, everything revolves around one question: can we autocorrect humanity?

Olivia - E/F Champion

Closing off, limiting kids time on social media can help benefit health, grades, and relationships. Social media is damaging for students and is a big NO from parents all over the world. Teens need to reduce their social media time during class, homework time, and free time. American researchers have concluded that social media affects your eyes and that 50% of the teens that have blurry vision are from smartphones, social media, and other devices. Continuing off, stories like Nicole Lovell’s will happen more consistently when social media industries control more teens. The next time a hateful comment has been sent to a teen being bullied, cyberbullied, or teased, they will have less of a self-esteem and maybe even lead to suicide. Is social media indeed a gift, or is it a dreadful curse waiting to be cured? Hopefully, in time social media will become more limited. This will lead to a more sophisticated, more prioritized, and a more tech-free future.

Honorable Mention - Sophia's ending

America is facing gun problems that are new to this world, if it keeps being ignored the second amendment will no longer be a law we happily, patriotically  and faithfully live by but a fear that American families, American citizens, and even our American leaders we simply follow. The way to really “make America great again” is by rectifying the second amendment and institutionalizing mandatory background checks for gun ownership. As stated before, the safety of America should be paramount above all. With the power of background checks on our side, we’d reduce mass shootings, a humongous American social issue, altogether to the status that other countries uphold where because of the law we fail to have across the country it is peaceful, calm, and satisfaction is easily held in the palm of their hand.  Moreover Obama makes the point although we are needing the change we must be also be pleading for the change. Barack Obama former president feels the real emotion in the issue, his empathy captures not only gun violence victim’s feelings of grief, fear, and plight but also the big picture on gun control that we need to take into account.  He’s ready to pull the trigger for change in a heartbeat and brings many supporters along with him. The real big picture we have to paint is the future we are leading. Will it be surrounded by bullets in bodies like it is now or by peace in mind? With this law we can see beyond the shots fired into a brighter, foreseeable, attainable dream. I know we’re capable of change that is good all we need to do is change what is bad. A safer, better, livelier home is in reach, all we have to do is grab it. The shots have been fired, choose your side.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Use this link for your assessment: Why Dogs Reduce Stress in the Classroom. A Report by  SwissInfo Channel

Please return all classroom library books TOMORROW. Your tally of books for next semester begins today. You should do a minimum of 3 books.

Have a superb break!

Coming in January  The POscars - Enjoy these performances from previous C-Side Champions!

Will your name go down in SAS History as the 2018 Champion?

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Adding Voice - Update

H/W - Make sure you have DROPPED your final paper in the ELA folder before the start of Wednesday's class.

Argument Rubric

Some last tips on adding voice:


Membean TEST  - 50 words
Reading Summative - Main Ideas and Perspectives

Monday, December 18, 2017


H/W - You paper should be FINISHED by tomorrow. We will wor on drafting and reediting in tomorrow's class.

Assessments this week: Wednesday - Membean and Reading for different perspectives (we will practice this in class tomorrow)

Recap: Writing Conclusions - A combination of these elements should be in your conclusion.

Tuesday's Work: For those ready to finish: Structure and Organization

Reflection- End of Unit Video
Take a moment to track your grwoth as a research writer

Friday, December 15, 2017

Narration and Introduction

By MONDAY - you should have drafts for these sections completed.
1) Narration

Student Sample

Year-round school is an education based system in which is a 180-day program, the breaks are more frequent, however, they are also shortened.“Summer setback” is commonly known in the average schooling system, however, the goal for year-round schooling was for students to experience less “Summer Setback” and gain more overall knowledge. Year-round schools have existed since the early 1900s, there was steady growth in the number of year-round schools from the mid-1980s to 2000. The 350, 000 students in 1985, with 410 year-round public schools around America have increased. When people (mostly parents) hear the name year-round school they think an extra three months of relaxation is lost. However, this is not necessarily true. This problem is different because of more breaks and maximized time. Parents may even think it is much of an authoritarian program. However, these are all just conjectures, many of the people in which say these things have no evidence to back up what they are saying about this statuary program. These are all refined education systems, so let this be a prelude to the different education based systems such as year-round school.


Student Sample

Other Teacher Samples

Introductions - Basic Level

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Finished argument papers: Due NEXT WED

Membean Semester 1
250minutes - to meet expectations by next Wednesday for the entire semester. (280mins for exemplary) You will have your last Membean test next week (50words)

Lesson Recap: Today, you learned to structure and argue a counterclaim or counterargument. Learn the steps below. CA due FRIDAY!

Reminder - All debates now will be in Counterarguments. Score points for
Transitions, Stakeholders, Sources, Warrants, Reasoning, Parallel Structure, Emotive Language, AND - Reasons that REJECT the alternative stakeholder's perspective.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Quote Sandwich

H/W. You need your first quote sandwich submitted to SEESAW for tomorrow. (Tue) - Remember to go DEEPER into EVIDENCE using transition techniques. (one per team - you will receive a GRADE for this one)

Student Mentor 1 Argument Essay - Read the SECOND PARAGRAPH - Can you spot the different parts of the quote sandwich

Remember these steps to go from notes to a quote sandwich

Monday, December 11, 2017

Argument Essay - Structure and Organization

Claim Grade - You must submit your claim in here by beginning of class Tuesday - You will be given a summative grade for your claim

Claims: Samples from class

This is the breakdown for this week for those who like to plan ahead. I will explain each section every day. You must have the section completed for the next day. You will be given a SUMMATIVE grade for EACH SECTION as we progress through the week.

Tuesday - Turn in your first quote sandwich (I will explain this tomorrow)

Wednesday - Grammar assessments
Parallel Structure Test - Wed  Use these additional links if you would like to do further practice. (Grammar Grade)

Thursday - Counterargument (I will explain this)

Friday - Narration (I will explain this)

Friday, December 8, 2017

Charting Notes

I will be checking NoRedInk and putting a grade in on Monday - That's a little extra time for those who need it!

Finalized claim - By the end of class Monday

Parallel Structure Test - Wed  Use these additional links if you would like to do further practice. (Grammar Grade)

Important: There will be a few questions on the test on subjects and predicates and opening and delayed adjectives.
If you know the difference between a simple, complete, compound and complete compound subjects, you will be fine. Do you know the different types of predicates?
Can you spot an opening or delayed adjective in a sentence?

Writing Grade - You will perform your planet parallelism skit to me with your partner on Wed. Instructions below.

Lesson Recap - Synthesizing Using Charting Notes

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Debate WARS

Research Links: Argument Essay - TEXT SETS  - Choose your topic

H/W - Make sure you have finished the NoREdInk parallel structure practice. (Due FRI. - Will you master the content by then?) Score Exemplary for 90% + mastered.

Starting tomorrow - Quote Sandwich Debate tournament

Score points for:
Claims, Quotes with principles of authority, warrants, reasoning that goes deeper. NF craft moves (eg. domain specific language, parallel structure,  impact words, emotive language, transitions etc.

Format: 1 min each to give your best delivery of a 'sophisticated' quote sandwich (you can refer to notes, but you cannot simply read out your ideas.)

  • Bonus points: 30 secs  each to name holes in other person's argument
  • Class Vote decides the winner. Mr. Buxton has final decision to avoid any favoritism
  • Check out who you compete against and when you compete - BYE means you go the next round

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Cornell Notes

H/W - Debate losing team member needs to take one extra sheet of Cornell Notes for tomorrow!
(optional - other team member can choose to take notes too)

Parallel Structure Test - Will be pushed back until NEXT WEDNESDAY 13th - This will give you a little more practice time. ALL NoRedInk Practice MUST BE FINISHED by Friday. 

The images below show how many topics you have mastered so far. You will receive a grade based on your practice by END OF CLASS Friday.

Lesson Recap: How to take Cornell Notes

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Summarizing an article - Quick Steps

H/W - Choose one source from your list of resources and take notes on it using a note taking sheet of your choice. (Due Wed)

Are you doing a little NoREdInk practice each night?

No need to read tonight b/c of your NF research reading
Lesson Recap

Simplify. Make your research easier

Monday, December 4, 2017

Analyzing Perspectives

H/W - Choose one source from your list of resources and take notes on it using a BHH note taking sheet. (Due Tue)

Resources for today

Complete the chart.

Complete the chart.

VIdeo 4: Watch 1 minute of this (some sad scenes)

Friday, December 1, 2017

Argument Essay - TEXT SETS  - Choose your topic

Next Friday, you will have your parallel structure grammar assessment. You will need to do NORedINK practice to prepare for this.

Lesson Recap

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Confirmation Bias

$1 Competition Winners - CONGRATULATIONS!

Lesson Recap: Being aware of how your l judgment is easily affected

Take time to really develop your reasoning

Membean Test tomorrow - Do you have your minutes?

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Hey Students, 

I just learned about an annual SCHOLASTIC WRITING COMPETITION for American students. The deadline for submission is December 7, so we have to hurry. 

There are several categories including MEMOIR! Please consider revising and submitting your memoir.  If you'd like a critical friend, come to QUILL writing club on Thursdays (3:15-4:15 in M214, my room) and I can help you. 

Other Categories

Personal Essay & Memoir CATEGORY

Category Description
A non-fiction work based on opinion, experience, and/or emotion that explores a topic or event of importance to the author.
Special Instructions
Essays in which humor is the key element should be submitted to the humor category.
500–3,000 words.
Talk to me if you have any questions!

Quote Sandwich Introduction

Lesson Recap - Structuring your thinking using quote sandwiches

Bonus - 3 points for each quote sandwich in your $1 challenge piece

The tip for a successful quote sandwich is to 'dissect' the quote in depth

Reminder - $1 challenge writing due tomorrow!

Argument Craft - $1 Challenge Scoring Sheet (updated today!)

Dear Mom and Dad,
For the last few weeks, I have been working on my TRi Time investigation during Homebase. My driving question, which is... (Insert your driving question.).
I intend to investigate specifically…
I was most excited during my investigation this week when… (Describe a moment during TRi Time this week when you were really excited about your investigation, had an aha moment, or were inspired to dig deeper.).
One struggle I had this week was… (Describe a moment during TRi Time this week when you hit a roadblock or weren’t sure what to do next.).
I overcame that challenge by… (Explain how you overcame your struggle or roadblock.).
As I continue my TRi Time work, I could use your help by... (Explain how your parents might help you now.). If you have any tips for me, I would greatly appreciate them
Thanks for your support throughout my TRi Time investigation!

(Insert your name here)

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Argument Craft Moves

For today's lesson:

Make a copy of this file in your digital notebooks and label ALL the Argument craft moves used

Argument Craft Moves - Recap

Argument Craft - $1 Challenge Scoring Sheet


If you do not bring in your work PRINTED - you forfeit your contribution to the challenge.

This dollar activity is a metaphor for life. Can you see how?

Monday, November 27, 2017

This Friday, you will send an email home with a screen shot of your grades in PowerSchool. You may want to get any missing grades updated/work resubmitted before then in order to get less hassle from your parents over the w/end.

H/W - C/D and E/F Class - Bring SG$1 to class. You must bring it in cash.

Lesson Recap

Make sure you understand these concepts

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Next week is a Membean week

Test - Fri
30mins -Meets
40mins - Exemplary (some people have minutes to catch up on the semester!)

Enjoy some highlights from last week.

Chaewon and Derek : Bullying Speech

Arya and Pranay's Website

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Check your PowerSchool. Do you have missing grades? Last date for resubmission of any work from the 1st Semester: Dec 8th

For Tomorrow

Grammar Paragraph - Opening and Delayed Paragraph (Submitted to Seesaw as video and text - or performed live)

Bullying Presentations - Due Wednesday

Monday, November 20, 2017

This Week

Check your PowerSchool. Do you have missing grades? Last date for resubmission of any work from the 1st Semester: Dec 8th

Argument Writing Format - Resources

Your task is to take a position on whether or not music should be allowed while working. Write an argument essay in which you clearly state your position either for or against music while working, and then support that claim with evidence from the texts you’ve read, “3 Reasons You Should Try Studying While Listening to Music"” and watched “Listening to Music While Studying.” Now you can read, “How Music Could Help You  Concentrate While Studying

Summatives this week
Grammar Paragraph - Opening and Delayed Paragraph
Bullying Presentations - Wednesday

You will have all class Tuesday to work on these topics

Friday, November 17, 2017

Next Week's Summatives

I am still missing some EMAIL HOME from the last unit - Get these to me before Friday 8pm. After this time, grades will be recorded in PowerSchool . This cannot be resubmitted

C/D and E/F Classes - On Monday, you must be ready to pitch your idea for your final project on bullying. This will be needed to be finished by Wednesday.

Grammar Summative - Opening and Delayed Adjectives and Adverbs - Due Wed. (You will have class time to work on this on Mon. and Tue.)

Sample Video - Even little kids can do this! (These kids are very special though!)

Plan your work like this - Read the tips

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Course of Study - Day 4

Last chance - Make sure you bring your 'reading challenge books to class tomorrow - You will receive a responsibility grade

I am still missing some EMAIL HOME from the last unit - Get these to me before the end of the week. Don't let me have to chase you up! - If you do not have a grade in power school - it means I do not have your email yet!

Return all book club books that you have finished with please :-)

Argument  Preassessment

H/W - Go to one last source on 'bullying' and collect information. You will have your last debate tomorrow.
This is a pre-assessment for our NEW unit after Thanksgiving. We just want to see what you know on these two skills - Main ideas and Perspectives

Question 1: Listening to Music While Studying
Question 2: How Music Could Help You to Concentrate While Studying

You will have 30mins to finish these two questions

Grammar Recap - Opening and Delayed Adverbs

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Instructions for Wednsday's Classes

HomeBase - Tritime project slide show

Instructions for grammar formative

Students may choose their own sentence starter if they want to.

Do your work in google doc first - color code you opening adjectives one color and your delayed adjectives another. Screen shot your work and paste into SEESAW

FYI - typical sample piece

E/F Class - Extra Subjects and predicate practice

Stephen - Jayden - Adam - Richard - Arya - Same paragraph but with an emphasis on advanced subjects and predicates.
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