Sunday, October 25, 2009

Next Week

Next week is a 'No-Homework week' in Humanities classes apart from studying for tests.


Subjects and Predicates Test - Open book/Open notes (Tuesday Morning)
  • Make sure you have already practiced the online exercises. This is the best way to study for this test.
  • Make sure you can both identify and write examples of the four different types of subjects and the four different types of predicates.  REMEMBER ...You can use any notes like these in the test.
  • During the test, make sure you pay careful attention to instructions  e.g. circle simple subject  or underline complete predicate. 
  • What strategies for proof reading will you use in the test to make sure you have followed the test questions specifically?
Spelling Lesson 7 (Tuesday afternoon)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Brag Sheet - Pete's Essay

Enjoy reading Pete Chaconas's very well written answer from the test yesterday. The essay was written under test conditions in about 25mins. Notice the sturcutre and clear use of specific examples to support each P2 category

Charlotte Latin School has decided to become more environmentally conscious and do a better job of conservation across the school. By making reference to what you have learned explain how the school can achieve this goal.

The students struggle and debate on ways to make Charlotte Latin School a more conserving campus. Charlotte Latin School has various ways of achieving this goal to be more of a conserving place. The school should recycle as many things they can. In the cafeteria, students using plastic bottles should recycle them separate from trash. Any extra paper should be recycled in bins instead of being thrown away. Recycle any cans like soda on campus once people are done with them. Charlotte Latin should reuse different materials in order to save money and landfills. Every year in every grade, students should reuse markers, glue sticks, and other supplies. People should reuse cups and plates if they are glass or plastic. Reusing textbooks is a good way for Charlotte Latin to save money and trees. Charlotte Latin should reduce pollution and waste on campus. In order to reduce pollution, people that live close to school should ride bikes or carpool with others. To reduce trash, people should only throw away things that aren’t recyclable. Reducing the golf cart use on campus will help the environment grow green. To conclude, (Those -examples needed here) are possible reasons to help Charlotte Latin achieve the goal of becoming a more conserving place. The students now have wonderful ideas on how to protect Charlotte Latin’s campus, and will present them to their

Tranisitional words and effective restate sentences are two things  we will consider on our next essay question.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Descriptive Sentences - Brag Sheet

Enjoy these impressive descriptive writing pieces rom your classmates. Notice how there is limited action taking place in the writing. It is as if 'time froze' and just a 'moment in time'  is being  described.

Fishing with Dad
Miles W.

As I listened to the hypnotic sound of the beach volleyball being bounced back and forth on the sandy court, all was peaceful. The half-bare trees had their own special way of beauty by shaking slowly (as if in a dream) their artistically designed red/yellow leaves. Faint footsteps in the distance awoke my senses, and I started to think in a clearer state of mind. Being able to think more clearly, I realized that there was an assortment of knobby twigs that must have fallen from the tree branch hovering above me. Red/yellow leaves in the grass and cold, crispy air also surrounded me. Suddenly something on my lap moved! A fishing rod! I then remembered that I was fishing with my dad, and he had gone to the car to get more bait.

Descriptive Paragraph: A Moment In Time

By: Kate Mace
The shiny galas and crisp mackintosh were just begging me to pluck them off
the branches. Somewhere else out in the orchard, a small child shouted out in frustration. Clover and trees in the area created an earthy, inciting aroma that made me want to stand there under that tree and breathe it in all day. Suddenly, a loud rumble that came from under my shoulders interrupted my peaceful daydream in paradise. I could understand the grumbling from my stomach. It was saying, “Feed me Kate, I’m famished. I could hear the apple treats being set out on the table for just my family and I to enjoy. As I sat down on the table, the mouth watering smells wafted up into my nostrils from the outdoor kitchen. The apple pie and apple cider were for dessert of course, but I thought we should eat them now. For they would be cold if we waited any longer, and nobody wants cold apple pie or warm cider. Apple juice is what we would drink instead of cider. Apple tarts and apple donuts were just now being set out on the table. I put away a second or two to soak it all in and take a mental note of it. Sprinkled with powder sugar, the petite donuts seemed extremely delicious. They were arranged on a platter decoratively, and they made you want to grab the giant platter and start wolfing them down. As for the apple tarts, lets just say that they tasted better when they were in your mouth, not on yourshirt. When I could get them in my mouth, they were the best donuts I had ever tasted. Even though we had to go home right after lunch, I had a great time at the orchard on the mountain.

A Perfect Day of Winter
by Maddie

Branches and leaves of all colors crinkle as I step on the ground in the wooded area. Pine needles on the evergreens brushed against my coat and boots. Although the snow and air was cold, it had a welcoming feeling. The frosted leaves and weak branches fell as the wind howled throughout the trees. My fingers and toes were numb, and my breath made white clouds in the air. Small and large, icicles hung upon the dormant trees sparkling like crystals because of the afternoon sun above. Snowflakes fell from the sky dancing in the wind, each twirling like how dancers skip across the floor. There were no flowers anymore, and all the plants were drooping as if they knew there had been a winter’s frost. The trees shook as the wind attacked them, and the branches rattled as if they were mad. Animal prints decorated the snow in patterns in the same way a stamp would decorate a piece of paper. Winter is beautiful, but I always miss the animals that are hibernating for the season. Snow falling from branches way high in the trees fell and made me think my friends and I were in a snow fight. Sitting in a branch high in my favorite tree made me feel so small to the big woods around me. The wind up my spine made me shiver all over and reminded me what it would be like to be on the streets without a coat. Snow drifts were all over like little hills of snow to make snow forts out of them. The beautiful white snow reminded me of how perfect the world really was. All my worries drifted out of my head as I thought of how good I had it. The nature of the woods reminded me that life was more than the newest ipod or the biggest house. The woods was a place were life thrived, and it felt as if you were on top of the world. Dad’s voice echoed through the trees “ Time for hot chocolate!” for that was our favorite drink after a day in the snow. Tripping over stumps and roots, I darted toward the cozy house.


These dates have now been finalized

Buxton Class: Thur 2.30pm
Graham Class: Fri 11.30am

Make sure your group is ready to receive the first grade audience. Plan for plenty of choral repetition and sound effects during the play

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Social Studies Test- Practie Essay Questions

Practice your essay writing techniques (hook,topic,support,elaborations,restate,hook)by doing one of the questions below.

Planet Venucian is very similar to Earth but it is running out of its natural resources. Based on what you have learned in S. Studies, advise Venu and his relatives on how they can best conserve the natural resources on the planet.


Circuit City, an electronics firm, recently went into bankruptcy. Based on what you have learned about the Free Enterprise system, explain why this might have happened.


Johnny and his family believe that the southwest is the best region to move to in the U.S. Give reasons to persuade Johnny to move his family to a different reason of your choice.

Review of Today's Lesson - Making Judgments

Enjoy a more detailed explanation of the Sugihara story. How would you judge this man?

Descriptive Sentences - Brag Sheet

Enjoy Alex's descritpive writing. Can you spot th advanced ubjets?

A Day at McDonalds

King size Hershey bars and fatty French Fries light up like beacons, calling my brother to them. Some of the burgers at the front of the store smelled like chemicals and looked like they had just been sat on. A fat, bald man in front of him turned around to sling a silver bugger wrapper into the trash can. Blotched red ketchup and yellow smeared mustard stains lined the front of his shirt. As the man hurled the wrapper, Jacob disappeared out of my view. The wrapper flashed through the air, and I got a glimpse Jacob about 10 feet away. The dirty construction workers next to us continued to noisily eat their meals while I lunged forward through the bustling crowd, grabbed his arm, and hoisted him back toward my parents. Turning toward our parents, we soon realized we didn’t know where they had sat down.

As we frantically looked for our parents, I realized that they were right behind us and there was no need to worry. The worker decided just then to call our name. Our parents went up to get our burgers, yet we lost sight of them again. We sat down at the table and about five seconds later our mom and dad came back with our food. The food looked okay. I have not been there since.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Coming Next Week

  • Advanced Predicates
  • Making Judgments about people and situations
  • Social Studies Lesson 3-5 Test
  • Teddy Bear narrative stories
  • Writing a character sketch

Friday, October 16, 2009

Updates and Changes to H/W sheet

As we haven't had time to practice the teddy bear performances yet, we will postpone the presentations until next week.

Well done on Prep. Phrases test today.

Just to confirm. Writing assignments due date has been pushed back until Monday. Feel free to bring yours in tomorrow if it is finished.

Spend tonight studying for Science and vocabulary (just my class). For vocabulary, you could try and create some  of your own multiple choice questions. if you can create questions for those vocabulary words, it means you probably tuly understand all of their uses

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Descritpive Writing Assignment - Student Work

My Bedroom  by Sabrina Brewer

Enjoy Sabrina’s descriptive writing. Which lines are ‘your’ favorite? Which lines show emotion? Which lines use advanced subject techniques?

At bedtime, walking silently in the room the smell of stuffed animals fill the air. I come to the cozy warmth of the bedroom when I have the terrible feeling to be mad and angry. That comfortable room eases me. That room is my favorite room in the house. The blue and green quilt lies softly on the bed. The untidy desk sits there on the floor reminding me of my grandpa working in his office late at night helping sick patients in need of help. A mirror sways gently high upon the wall. The dresser is below with pictures that make tears well up in my sad brown eyes wanting to go back to my childhood so I wouldn’t have anything to worry about. A desert tan wooden bookshelf sits there holding books I’ve read before. One of the books might be about the American Revolution and the men who gave up there life to save our beloved country. That makes me realize that we are the bravest country, we have citizens who would volunteer to save our country still knowing that it could cost them their life. Soccer cleats and dresses hang on the hangers of my closet shelf. A cream shelf piled high with stuffed animals and a few trophies. The carpet squishes beneath my feet as I walk in the room. That room satisfies me when I go to bed sometimes making me feel relieved that the long tiring day has finished. In the tidy bedroom laying my head on the pillow I feel safe.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Moment in Time - Mentor Text

This was written by Molly Brice last year. Notice how all the actions takes place over a few seconds. Notice how her  emotions are felt through her words, especially  at the end of the piece. Notice the variety of advanced subjects she integrated  into her work.  Notice how her title closes her piece at the end...

Life by the Sea

By: Molly

The old wooden boats laid across the Neuse River as if to say, “I’m ready, please sail me.” I felt alone staring at these wonderful treasures. Walking across Seafarer’s wooden paved dock, I pushed off the ground and landed in the white benches of the sunfish. My eyes looked up at the crowded boat with all my friends in it, and I absorbed the dazzling clear water that lay all around the white sailboat. The sun beat down on my face as we began to prepare the timeless sail for our journey. A vivid orange life protector hugged my chest as I gazed out of the worn down face of the boat. I looked up and before my eyes was the never endless, stunning river that felt almost too exquisite to be real. I was awakened by the sound of roaring engines as the motorboats took off; the relaxed, calm feeling I had once felt was being vanished by the thunderous noises.

Our sailboat began to move slowly past the wondrous waters as I felt anxious about the journey ahead. Moving in the old white sunfish, I was mesmerized. Each time the boat took another step forward, I felt like I was drifting away to the heavens on a white and fluffy cloud. As the boat pushed past all of the waves and the wind in my face, I began to feel more at home. The things I missed about my parents faded away with the calmness of the Lake Neuse. The missing piece of the puzzle at Camp Seafarer was closed and now the adventure had truly started. I soon retrieved the soothing vibe I had before I had climbed on the sunfish. My fellow campers and I touched the beauteous waters as we glided past the camp and into the breathtaking river.

The staggering waters were contagious, and I was a girl caught with the disease. Gliding back to the camp site, I began to think more about the Neuse river. To some it was no more fascinating then a math lesson, but to me it was one of the Earth’s true beauties. Drifting away in the sunfish, fascination over came me. The beautiful river made me realize life is not what is coming next, but to enjoy the present timing’s little treasures. Why doesn’t everyone live in the soothing and adventurous way I do? When I think back to that long sail ride, a smile spreads across my face and know that I know how to live. I flow with the tide and enjoy life by the sea!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

TEST PRACTICE Thursday 15th Oct

Review of PREPOSITIONAL PHRASES. Enjoy the video link on the American Revolution

These are the ‘types of question’ that you will have in the test.

The sentences below all contain prepositional phrases. A prepositional phrase is a group of words that begins with a preposition and ends (usually) with a noun or a pronoun.

The noun or pronoun that ends the phrase is called the object of the preposition; the object of the preposition answers the question what? (or whom?) after the preposition and shows the end of the phrase.

A) Find the prep. phrases in these sentences

1. During hot summer weather, I like swimming at the beach near my house.

2. The beach is surrounded by many trees with leafy branches giving plenty of shade.

3. The lake is very deep in the centre, but it is quite shallow near shore.

4. In the middle of the lake, there are several small islands; some people swim out to them, but going by boat is safer.

5. On the bushes along the shore, I can hang my wet towel.


Although my room in residence is small, it is very cozy. On the single bed under the window is a spread quilted by my grandmother in winter. It is my most treasured possession. Beside the bed is a small bookcase filled with my books and papers. The bookcase is painted white, and the top and sides have a pattern of vines running over them, stencilled in green. Next to the bookcase is a small antique armchair from my grandmother's house. The chair is upholstered in a rich cream brocade material, sprinkled with tiny pink roses.
C) Writing Component


(hint hint! nudge nudge! Bob’s your uncle!)

D) Make sure you tackled the multiple choice questions on prep. phrases posted on the blog last week.


E)_Divide the words in this box into the three categories
Prepositions       Not Prepositions      Prepositional Phrases

above the flower pot
a green animal
will she come?
in Madrid
around the house
with Mary
making a mistake

Friday, October 9, 2009

Descriptive Sentences - Brag Sheet

Feel free to 'brag' by copy/paste  into a comment window a small selection from your  descritpive writing piece. If people like what they read, feel free to comment on other people's  writing.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tyes of Subjects - Review

Can you manipulate the different openings to your sentences. Remember, a strong piece of writing uses a variety of these techniques combined with prepositional phrases, proper noun and emotion sttements

Simple Subject
The garden/

Complete Subjects
A long colorful carpet/

Compound Subjects
Parcels and packages/

Complete Compound Subjects
A mountain of dirty clothes or a pile of  spent books/

Integrating a prepositional phrase
In my mind, this disheveled cornor of  our family house/...


THEN READ IT TO SOMEBODY. Can they see the place?  Can they tell how  YOU feel about the place from you writing?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Prepositional Phrase Story - Axle the Freeway Cat

Look at theway prepositional phrases were used in this story. Click the link above to finish the story we started reading in class.

Prepositional Phrase Practice -Videos and Games

You have one week to watch these videos and practice with these exercises and games before next week's prepositional phrase test.  Enjoy !!!

Use of the comma

Test Type Questions– Prepositional Phrases

Prepositional Phrases - Test Practice Grade=6&Unit=7&Topic=Prepositional+Phrases&x=25&y=9
(print out this exercise and bring it to the class to be graded)
(drag and drop answers for speed)

Prepositions - fun with prepositions

Friday, October 2, 2009

Online Discussion Forum - Reflection Question 1

Every so often, i will pose a question on the blog that encourages all of you to both reflect on your learning  and also certain events that are going on in the classroom. You are invited to add comments as normal.  In addition, you are also encouraged to respond directly to the comments other students add to the blog.

Warning: When adding comments or responding to comments, use CIVILITY at all times!  Never write anything on the blog or about a student that you would not say directly to an adult's face. Likewise, when responding to people's comments, focus on the positive by  'validating others'.

Discussion Question 1
What important lessons have you learned from the most recent 'Sentence Fluency' grammar assignment?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Evaluating Newspaper Article - Mentor Texts

Enjoy these 'unedited' examples of  your most recent  assignment on evaluting a newspaper article. Will  your evaluation of  President Obama's speech contain clear examples of your opinion? Notice this time i have highlighted just opinion statements.

Filled with tater tots, cheese curls, and trail mix, Mr. Smith’s tractor slowly moves to the pig pen. Pigs Switch to Trail Mix is an unusual, but interesting article from the Wall Street Journal. Surprisingly, farmers are switching to fatty foods for their pigs! Oddly enough farmers, like Mr. Smith are now feeding there pigs tater tots. Cheese Curls are another strange food you can find on a farm. People food is now on a weird feed for animals like trail mix. Sadly, farmers are really hard time feeding their animals. Unfortunately, the whole reason pigs are switching to fatty foods is because of how high priced corn is these days. To feed the animals only fatty foods is a disaster because it depresses them. Farmers have figured out that pigs are really picky eaters, so they have to them sugary foods. Some of the vocabulary that was in my article was very difficult to understand. Mitigate, to make something less harsh, was one of the words I thought was difficult. Also, byproducts, something produced as a secondary result by manufacturers, was another word I did not know. Ethanol, a colorless liquid with a pleasant smell, also was new to me. The engaging and sad article Pig Switch Trail Mix is most unusual article that I have ever read. As Mr. Smith puts the tater tots, trail mix, and cheese curls into the squirming pigs troth, he is glad the pigs like their food.    by Paige

Finally, Seay feels a tug on his line, and as he reels in he sees that hard, scaly snout and treacherous pointed teeth. The Charlotte Observer’s story on four fishermen catching an alligator, written by Andrew Dys, is both breathtaking and amazing. The characters in this story, Seay, Fields, Honeycutt, and Martin, are astonishing. These people have numerous character traits. One of the character traits that these people possess is adventurousness because most people would never go hunting for alligators. Also, they are very persistent, because they never gave up on conquering that alligator. I am very impressed by them. I believe the action in this article could have been better, but they did use some very descriptive details in quite a few places. For example, they could have used more descriptive writing on how they got the alligator into the boat. Although, they did use some decent descriptive words and quotes when they narrated how the fishermen never gave up. One of the quotes was “No way we were going to give up once we got him hooked.” I believe that the information in this article is well chosen and informative. A very valid piece of information is that alligators are indigenous to South Carolina and have been around this state much longer than humans. Another important piece of information is that in 2009 more than 3700 people applied for the 1000 hunting tags. To conclude, this story needs a bit more descriptive writing but gives some impressive information. At last Martin got a noose around the gators jaws and Honeycutt ended the fight with a shot to the head.   by Handy
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